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Is There A Future For Ashley And Ravi on The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless

They’re an unlikely duo but Ashley and Ravi are set to do some serious kissing any day now as evidenced by a new promo for The Young and the Restless (YR).

Eileen Davidson and Ahbi Sinhar as Ashley and Ravi have been dancing around a flirtation for sometime. They’ve been cordial colleagues at Jabot Cosmetics and escorted each other to events like the opera and Nikki’s charity recital, but are they ready for a bona fide romance?

Read on, as the reason may surprise you!

Something Different
Ashley’s a sophisticated woman who’s been wed to powerful and/or charismatic men including Victor Newman, Alex Bladeson, and Dr. Steven Lassiter.

Ravi is much younger and lives in the tech world, but most of you, 63% to be exact, say “Absolutely! Why not?” about Ashley and Ravi having a passionate romance.

While Ravi is unlike many of the many with whom the Abbott heiress has been connected to perhaps that’s the reason they might be a fit after all. She’s been through the tough times, had her daughter, made peace with her family (mostly), so she’s coming into the relationship with a clean slate.

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Ravi, meanwhile, seems fascinated with Ashley. He’d treated her like the goddess he sees her as. Isn’t it time Ashley had a man who’d put her first?

Short-Term Fun
Time will tell if the age difference becomes a factor, either as a pro or a con in terms of them having a long-running romance. A solid percentage of you, 37%, precisely, believe that Ravi and Ashley are just too different to make it work.

Viewers will get certainly a different take on the duo later this week when the couple show their passion.

Will they take things to an even greater level — or decide that they’re better off as friends?

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