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Is A Back-From-The-Dead Hilary Too Far-Fetched For The Young and the Restless?

Hilary and Devon The Young and the RestlessHilary and Devon The Young and the Restless

For the past few months, Devon has been haunted by the spirit of his wife Hilary both figuratively and literally on The Young and the Restless. In fact, a hallucination of Hillary entering his apartment sent Devon over the edge and he suffered a severe panic attack.

But, if the social media rumors are to be believed, the viewers may be seeing a very alive and a very well Hilary in the very near future. But is that something the fans are prepared for? Is it even something they want to see happening?

Soap Hub asked what you thought about Hilary coming back from the dead. Is it too far-fetched to happen? Here’s how over 8,000 of you voted:

Contrived Beyond Belief
Over 81% of you gave a big thumbs down to this story. After all, Hillary died ON SCREEN, in a hospital and in the presence of others. How on earth could the writers get around those facts?

You say that YR is no Days of Our Lives. There shouldn’t be mad doctors running around resuscitating the dead with mysterious blue liquids and hiding the reborn in a warehouse in Tennessee.

You are, however, liking the concept of Devon’s traumatized psyche projecting images of his wife every time he begins to feel guilty for moving on. But you want Elena to be the one to help Devon get over his troubles. There’s no need to dig up poor dead and buried Hilary.

I’ll Buy It
But still, 15% of you could buy a return from the grave. In fact, such a storyline is a staple of daytime television and even YR has used the gimmick on a number of occasions. For example, viewers in 1989 saw Phillip Chancellor III die on screen. And yet, 20 years later, he managed to return to the series very much alive.

No matter the outcome of this story there is one undisputed fact. And that is Mishael Morgan is a fiercely loved actress and her fans will take her any way they can get her. Be it a ghost or in a contrived back from the dead storyline. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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