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Impeachment Update: How To See Your Pre-Empted Soaps

Impeachment Soap OperasImpeachment Soap Operas

The Second Impeachment of Donald J. Trump, now the former president of the United States, has begun, and with it come pre-emptions with soap operas left in the lurch.

All four soaps did not air on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. However, NBC does not like to delay any episodes of its lone daytime drama, so when pre-empted it can typically be seen on by tonight. If you subscribe to the Peacock streaming network, check there, as well.

General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful have all officially tweeted that today’s regularly scheduled episode will be seen tomorrow. Of course, that depends on whether the impeachment trial will take place with no long recess all afternoon.

If at least one coast get YR or BB in full, there is a chance it will air on CBS All Access at night. Today, half of an encore episode of Victor’s anniversary bash from last year aired before the Senate trial began.

The impeachment is expected to last until early next week and is history in the making. But whether your favorite soaps will be pre-empted each day remains a mystery. Soap Hub will keep you informed.

More on Soap Opera History

Soap opera began in the early 1900s, as radio broadcasts. Soap companies were behind the conception of the daytime dramas because they wanted to sell soaps to stay-at-home-moms. They did their job and also launched a lifelong programming format, the soap operas.

Spanning more than five decades, American sudsers have seen the rise and fall of daytime soaps. In the heyday of soaps in the early 1980s, there were up to 13 different soap operas broadcasted. However, over the years, the number has declined. Currently, there are only four American soap operas on the air.

Bringing the Drama

The four remaining soap operas currently on the air include Days of our Lives, The Young and the Restless (YR), General Hospital (GH), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). Check your local listings for air times.

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