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Give Us More: What’s Working For YOU On The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Fans have longed to have story input on their favorite soaps since the debut of radio serials! Now, with social media viewers can let their feelings be known instantaneously!

Soap Hub asked devotees of The Young and the Restless (YR) what they want to see more of and the results may surprise you!

Death Doesn’t Become GC
Just over 51% of you don’t want any more fan favorites killed off. This number is actually surprisingly low given how many beloved characters have gone to that great soap in the sky.

Brad Carlton, John Abbott, Liz Foster, Colleen Carlton, Diane Jenkins, and, presumably, Adam Newman were all killed off over the last several years.

And, since it’s already been announced that Greg Rikaart (Kevin) is leaving the show and fans want to see him come back some day (heck, most fans would prefer he not be leaving in the first place!) there’s never been a better time to put a morotorium on killing folks!

Up With Life!
An impressive 44% of you requested wanting more “positive storylines.” This is a tough call since in the absence of dramatic conflict characters can become stale and uninteresting.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Perhaps you just want more upbeat storylines with Genoa City residents behaving in character and battling the odds to emerge victorious.

For example, sure, it’s awful that Cane (Daniel Goddard) cheated on Lily during that overseas business trip (or did he? Hmmm…) But, won’t it be great when their loyal fans get to see the couple’s love conquer this setback?

A Little Of This, A Little of That
A mere 5% checked off “other” as to what they wanted to see.

In that small group, votes went to fans who want to see both longevity for fan favorites and also positive storylines. A small percentage got specific and asked that there be more story for Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow).

While this number is small, it speaks to what Y&R viewers want to see — long-running couples battling odds and getting back together. A lot of people would like to see these two in particular find their way back to one another even though they’ve been through numerous ups and downs over the years.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Share your thoughts, leave a comment in the section below. Win exclusive member-only Y&R spoilers, prizes, and more: sign up here. Also, join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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