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Five Fast Facts About Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the RestlessNikki on The Young and the Restless

You may think you know everything about Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless, but check out these facts just to make sure.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) arrived in Genoa City in 1979, and she was trouble right from the start. Check out these five fast facts and learn more about the woman who has captivated Victor (Eric Braeden) and our hearts.

1. In the Beginning
Nikki was a young promiscuous teenager in the beginning, living with her mom and older sister Casey. After her mom died in a car accident, her father Nick returned to town.

Nikki adored him but Casey warned him away because he had raped her as a youngster. But Casey came home to find her father bloody — on top of Nikki, whom he had attacked. He died from his injuries but Nikki wasn’t charged.

2. Birds of a Feather
When she was 17, Nikki met Paul at the beach. At the time, Paul was also promiscuous and ended up giving Nikki a sexually transmitted disease. Despite that, the two remained friends over the years and we later learned she secretly gave birth to his son.

3. Body Count Grows
Nikki married Greg Foster but got bored and signed up with a “modeling” agency (it was really a call-girl operation), run by the infamous Rose DeVille. Nikki ended up in a hotel room with Walter Addison, a client, who had a heart attack and died as Nikki fought him off.

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4. Flower Child
After escaping the prostitution ring, Nikki ended up joining a cult — New World Brotherhood. Paul found her selling flowers on the street and joined the cult too. The two realized it was bad news but were held against their will. Eventually, the two were rescued by Paul’s cop father, Carl Williams.

5. The Start Of Something Big
When Nikki was a stripper at the Bayou, she was introduced to Victor Newman by his pal Douglas Austin. Originally, Victor saw Nikki as a project and helped her become a lady but found her someone else to be with — Kevin Bancroft. Still, they spent one night together. That one night produced Victoria and the rest is history…

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