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Did The Young and the Restless RUIN Cane? Fans Speak Out!

The Young and the Restless

Soap fans hate it when their favorite characters are sent to the back-burner. So Daniel Goddard fans must be loving this front-burner tale that has Cane logging in quite a bit of screen time on The Young and the Restless (YR), right?

Soap Hub polled fans as to what they think of Cane’s current tale involving an evening of presumed infidelity with Juliet, and the answers might surprise you! Read on to learn how people are feeling about Cane’s latest trial.

Cane And Lily Forever!
A resounding 69.7% said that they “hate” Cane’s current story. We can only assume that fans aren’t liking the storyline for fan favorite Daniel Goddard because this tale includes Cane being at the least dishonest with Lily, and at the most he’s been outright unfaithful to her.

Since Cane can’t remember what did or didn’t happen when Juliet stayed over in his hotel room, we’re betting that actually nothing did occur and her pregnancy will turn out to be either false or someone else is the father-to-be.

As Long As He’s On-Camera!
A solid representation, 30.3%, voted that they’re loving Cane’s storyline.

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This group perhaps feels that it’s better to have Cane and Lily (Christel Khalil) facing problems than not having them on-screen at all.

Think Of The Children!
Perhaps some fans aren’t liking this story because this time, unlike when Lily was unfaithful with Joe Clark, their kids, Charlie and Mattie, are now teens and are able to more fully understand adult situations.

But it’s important to keep in mind that in the absence of dramatic conflict, characters can become stale and uninteresting. We’re confident that Cane and Lily will survive Juliet (Laur Allen) and her machinations!

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