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Fans KNOW Victor Will Do THIS If Chelsea Gets Too Close To The Truth!


Chelsea sniffs ever closer to the truth on The Young and the Restless (YR), and Victor appears incredibly motivated to stop her! Is she about to find Chloe, or is it someone else her con could suss out?

Chelsea is hot on Chloe’s (Melissa Claire Egan) trail, and Victor (Eric Braeden) helped Chloe hastily abscond Genoa City.

Is there anything he won’t do to stop Chelsea from finding him out? Or, could he be hiding an even bigger secret? Soap Hub asked, and you responded!

Grave Danger
A landslide 94% of you believe that Chelsea is putting herself in grave danger while continuing her dogged search for Chloe.

Not only that, but Nick (Joshua Morrow) also pushed her to continue knowing that his father wanted her to stop so badly he tried to force Nick to betray her.

What do you think? Post a comment!

You fear that Chelsea is close to uncovering a powder keg that could lead to some massive damage control from Victor, and where would that leave her?

While she’s proven formidable and crafty in the past, is she really a match for Victor? You think not. He’ll take any measure to keep her quiet.

She’s Connor’s Mom
Still, 6% of you believe Victor has softened during his years as a grandpa. You believe that no matter what she finds out Chelsea is off limits in Victor’s antics because she’s Connor’s mother.

While she’s running around offering bribes trying to find out about her “sister” Victor may be controlling the strings from high above keeping Chelsea from ever having the slightest chance of learning the real truth.

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