One Drunken Night Has Dire Consequences for THIS Person!

For Cane (Daniel Goddard) on The Young and the Restless (YR), what happened in Tokyo certainly didn’t stay in Tokyo.

Horrified, the married dad of two desperately wanted to leave his ill-fated business trip to Tokyo behind him and get on with his life in Genoa City.

However, Juliet (Laur Allen) had other ideas, and she ended up stateside working at Brash and Sassy and putting a HUGE wrench in Cane’s daily life.

Soap Hub asked which of these two has the most to lose when Hilary spills the beans about their tawdry roll in the hay?

Family Feud
Cane stands to lose not only his wife and kids, but also possibly his job when everything hits the fan, according to 64% of you. One mindless night for Cane put everything he holds near and dear at risk.

His entire world will crash and burn at his feet when Lily (Christel Khalil) learns the devastating news. This one mistake points to possible life-long consequences for this GC father and businessman.

Two’s Company
Still, for 29% of you, both Cane and Juliet stand to lose equally. In the end, they’ll both end up jobless and alone when the dust settles.

Will their desolate situation end up driving them together or will the become enemies in the destructive aftermath of a poor choice?

Plus, there’s also still the chance that Juliet is up to something else, which has yet to be revealed.

Scarlet Letter
For the remaining 7%, Juliet will shoulder the full blame of the illicit encounter overseas.

She really pushed things hard with Cane and took full advantage of his drunken state. You believe whatever happened (did something happen?) is fully her fault, and Lily and others in GC will realize this.

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