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Exclusive Interview: Joshua Morrow Celebrates Young and the Restless’ 48th Anniversary

Exclusive Interview_ Joshua Morrow Celebrates Young and the Restless' 48th AnniversaryExclusive Interview_ Joshua Morrow Celebrates Young and the Restless' 48th Anniversary

The Young and the Restless, which debuted on March 26, 1973, is celebrating its 48th anniversary! For the last 27 of those years, Joshua Morrow has been a part of the CBS soap opera, playing Nick Newman, the son of legendary supercouple Victor and Nikki.

Joshua Morrow Gives Us The Inside Scoop

Soap Hub recently chatted with Morrow in recognition of the show’s anniversary to discuss his current storyline and what the show has meant to him – and to viewers – over the years, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Read on for the scoop!

Nick and his ex-wife Sharon (Sharon Case) are spending time together to co-parent their daughter Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind), who’s been cyber-bullied. Might old feelings resurface?
Not at the moment. There’s always a thread of these two working their way back into each other’s lives. They’re going to be intertwined forever but I think it’s a very mature thing of them to focus on Faith and dealing with her issues.

Nick and Sharon are both in extremely healthy relationships right now. They’re respecting that and that respect is a testament to their relationship. Nick is a big fan of [Sharon’s husband] Rey [Jordi Vilasuso] and he’s an even bigger fan of Sharon being with Rey.

He can provide her with a lot of things. There’s nothing going on [between Sharon and Nick] and I actually like that. They’re being grown-up about each other’s relationship. Right now, they’re doing everything they can do to help their daughter.

Sharon said to Nick that he and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) make a great couple. Thoughts?
Nick and Sharon are respecting each other right now. Obviously, these two are always going to be each other’s first loves. They started out as kids, falling deeply, madly in love with each other, experiencing more than any couple probably should.

They’re grown-ups now. People change. They experience things differently. They’ll always love each other. They’ll [likely] get back into bed [with each other] at some point over some traumatic experience, but at this moment that is something neither of them are thinking about. They’re happy that the other is in a stable relationship.

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How do you compare Nick’s current relationship with Phyllis to their past one?
Honestly, they’re just enjoying each other right now. There’s no pressure or stress to take it any further. Nick’s life is essentially turmoil-free, right now. Phyllis always has some kind of turmoil in her life. They’re not talking about getting married or are involved with other people romantically. They’re just enjoying each other – [wryly] from six feet away.

The YR company really came together to produce this show during COIVD-19. What’s that been like?
If we can help people at all through this situation, that makes me feel really good. The only thing I can equate YR coming back into production last year after it seemed like the world was going to end was when Major League Baseball came back and played this truncated season.

Everything was dreary and depressing, but I knew I could watch a little baseball and forget about the pandemic. If people can tune in for an hour, check out the show, and watch their favorite characters; I’m happy to be a part of that process. We love our fans. We don’t say that lightly. If we’re helping them, that makes me happy.

What has being on YR meant to you, personally?
I wouldn’t even have this family that I have without YR. I met my wife [Tobe] through friends of friends because of the show. It’s like that movie Sliding Doors – everything happens for a reason. The reason I have this life is because [YR creator, senior executive producer, and head writer] Bill Bell and [then-executive producer] Ed Scott chose me over hundreds of other dudes.

I never take lightly that I have, in my estimate, a “lottery life.” I have four amazing kids from it. Two of them are teenagers, one is graduating from high school this year. I blinked and I went from a 20-year-old hanging around Crimson Lights to being a [family man] with four kids.

It’s been an incredible journey. When my time on this planet is coming to an end and I’m sitting on a golf course with my wife, it will have been a beautiful life. I’m very, very blessed.

YR was created by the late William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. Tony Marino is the show’s executive producer. Josh Griffith is the show’s co-executive producer and head writer. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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