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Should Kevin’s Return Last Indefinitely On The Young And The Restless?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Who says soaps don’t listen to fans? Viewers of The Young and the Restless (YR) were upset that Greg Rikaart was written off as Kevin earlier this year and so he was invited back to the show. His latest episodes are currently airing.

Do you want Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) return to Genoa City to last indefinitely? Soap Hub posed this question to Y&R fans and you answered the call.

Kevin Can Wait
The majority of you, over 73%, want Rikaart to stick around now that he’s back, noting that he never should have left in the first place! The actor quickly became a fan favorite when he joined the show back in 2003, first as Lily’s predator and then later as Michael’s troubled half-brother.

Kevin did a host of terrible things, perhaps the most egregious was burning down Gina’s knowing Colleen was trapped inside. (J.T. rescued her, whew! ) He went to jail, was beaten up, and then returned to society — eventually finding redemption through the love of family, friends, and his late wife Jana.

Family Matters
Some of you, a little over 10%, voted no, Kevin shouldn’t stay, but you gave an important reason noting that he needs to be with Chloe and their daughter Bella. A greater number of you, over 15%, stated that Kevin’s return would be welcome depending on the story that makes him stay.

Since Chloe needs to keep away because she “killed” Adam, the best way for her to come back too would be if the show revealed that Adam’s not really dead, but he’s alive and in hiding somewhere.

All Talk
Since Kevin’s returned, he’s been Victor’s confidante and “talk to,” reminiscent of the late Col. Douglas Austin, Victor’s pal, whom he used to bounce ideas off in the past. But Rikaart is an Emmy-winner capable of doing so much more.

He delivers Kevin’s sarcastic lines with wit and humor one minute, and he can break our hearts the next by opening up and sharing his feelings. If Kevin does stay, let’s hope the show gives him a storyline worthy of Rikaart’s abilities and talent!

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