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Do You Think Adam Is Christian’s Dad On The Young and the Restless?

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Secrets and stories are wrapping up quickly these days on The Young and the Restless (RIP, Zack and Juliet!). But one thing that remains under wraps is Christian’s paternity. Will it be revealed or remain a well-kept secret that Adam is truly Christian’s dad?

We know Victor (Eric Braeden) knows Nick’s not Christian’s pop and Chelsea knows he knows. Otherwise, this is a well-guarded secret. Soap Hub asked Y&R fans what they think the next development will be. Read on for results.

Things Change
It’s not uncommon for soaps to change paternity tests. At Y&R alone, we saw that Kay and Jill weren’t actually mother and daughter, but they were victims of inaccurate DNA testing.

Also, viewers believed initially that Danny was the biological dad of Daniel before we found out that he and Phyllis never really slept together. So the question is — will the show change little Christian’s DNA test results? A little over 38% of you feel that Victor tampered with the test to make Adam the dad.

Tests Don’t Lie
Normally, DNA tests are done under guarded conditions that can’t be altered so it’s understandable that just under 39% of you feel that Adam is the dad.

We’ve seen duped dads stories on Y&R over the years.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Dylan thought he was little Connor’s pop, but Adam turned out to be. It’d be a little repetitive to have Adam also be Christian’s dad, however, soaps have been known to repeat tales, too!

Anything’s Possible
It’d be a major shift in the story to make Nick (Joshua Morrow) the real dad, but many viewers thought Jack was Summer’s dad (he helped deliver her in an elevator)!

So it’s not impossible that we’d get a twist in this story just as we did in Summer’s paternity.

The option “nobody knows and as it’s a soap, it could change” received the lowest percentage of votes at 22%, however, this is the most realistic choice given the genre’s history.

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