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Do You Know Who Christian’s Father Is?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Presumed dead, baby Christian actually lives as Sully on The Young and the Restless. Sharon carefully kept the clandestine secret for months. However, the pressure is clearly rising and is about to boil over, which may finally lead to the shocking truth about the Newman baby.

Of course, when the truth comes out, serious questions about Christian’s father arise. Soap Hub asked which Newman brother you think fathered the boy.

Obviously Adam
Over 3,600 of you voted, and a majority 57% of you believe Adam (Justin Hartley) fathered Christian. The paternity test revealed Adam as the father of the baby.

Christian was the result of a torrid one night stand during a brief break with Nick (Joshua Morrow). His true father, Adam, is presumed dead after the fiery cabin explosion. As of this moment, both the child’s parents died leaving him an orphan.

Ultimately, you believe that nobody tampered with the results and Adam truly is the baby’s dad.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Congratulations Nick
A rather large 38% of you hold out hope that Nick fathered Christian. He lost Sage (Kelly Sullivan) after losing the baby, and his heartache remains strong. You hope that he’s Christian’s dad, and that soon the news comes out that Sully actually is Christian giving Nick back a piece of his former life.

In fact, you think that Victor switched the paternity test results in order to blackmail Adam into helping him rebuild Newman Enterprises. Without the results, Victor would not have had anything to hold over Adam. This is why you believe he deviously switched the real results to suit his own insidious motives.

Finally, 5% of you simply aren’t sure which Newman brother fathered the baby. You could see this story going either way, and only time will end up telling.

How long do you think it will be before somebody finally reveals the remarkable and strange truth about this nearly one-year-old baby?

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