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Did Juliet Fake the DNA Results on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

On The Young and the Restless (YR), Juliet swore she was sure only Cane could be her unborn baby’s father. But then, in private, she looked concerned. And, when she got the call from the clinic, she looked downright bummed.

That didn’t stop her from stomping over to Cane and Lily’s and waving the positive results in their faces. But is Juliet telling the truth? Almost 20,000 viewers have some pretty strong opinions on the subject!

Fake Fakers Who Fake Fakes
Don’t care what the clinic said. Don’t care what the printout said. The only thing 67% of you care about is your absolute conviction that Juliet (Laur Allen) faked the whole thing.

From the encounter in Japan that never happened, to the lawsuit that has no credibility, to the baby that absolutely, positively never was and never will be Cane’s (Daniel Goddard), you’re not buying it.

The how (she did it) and when (she had time to plan the long con assuming she wasn’t expecting for Cane to set Billy (Jason Thompson) up and her to get fired as a result) doesn’t matter either. She’s bad. She did it. Let’s move on.

Anyone’s Baby — Anyone’s Guess
It’s a soap.

Paternity has been known to take a swan dive off a tall building, change direction in mid-air and take off like a jet-plane while everyone on the ground stand, looking up, nodding thoughtfully and musing, “Yes, that’s perfectly reasonable.”

Which means the baby can be Cane’s today and, three years from now, when he’s getting ready for the prom, turn out to be the child of someone we’ve never heard of before. Or, you know, Victor (Eric Braeden).

That’s why 23% of the audience isn’t taking a stand one way or the other. Anything could still happen.

No Doubt
Still, a minority 10% of you are willing to buy Juliet’s version. You believe the baby is 100% Cane’s. Which is interesting, from a genetic perspective. I would have gone for 50% Cane’s, 50% Juliet’s….

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