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Daddy Dearest: Did JT Abuse Reed on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

JT and Reed The Young and the RestlessJT and Reed The Young and the Restless

A teen-age Reed returned to The Young and the Restless (YR) after running away from home, which meant his dad, JT, and stepmother, Mac.

Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) claimed he didn’t want to move to Eastern Europe with his family then, when pushed, admitted that he felt left out of JT’s (Thad Luckinbill) closeness with Mac (Kelley Hruger) and their children.

Then again, Reed did act pretty squirelly when JT came back to Genoa City, and he was hardly ecstatic about JT and Victoria getting remarried.

Given what we now know about JT, how he grew abusive – both verbally and physically – could there be more to the story than Reed let on? Could JT have abused his son, along with his wife? Over 7,000 viewers took their best shot at figuring out the truth:

No Doubt About It
No question, 81% of you assert. The way Reed responded to his dad’s return, not to mention his moving in with Victoria, then getting engaged – you knew he was hiding something.

And that something has to be that, before he went off on Victoria, JT got in months – maybe years – of practice on Reed, as well as Mac.

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Reed is a sensitive kid and he couldn’t put up with it for long. But he is also a sweet, loyal kid, and he wouldn’t have wanted to get his dad into any kind of trouble. That’s why he kept mum, even as he did his best to keep his distance.

Bridge Too Far
JT may have been tough on Reed – heck so was Victor (Eric Braeden) – but he wasn’t abusive, 18% of the audience persists in believing.

If that were the case, Reed would have told. This kid whines about everything. Having to go to school, not being allowed to make out with his girlfriend while babysitting his siblings, not getting into a summer music program.

Plus, he seemed to truly love his dad, despite the chip on his shoulder. And, JT’s problem seemed to be against women and not his kids.

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