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Young and the Restless: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???

Kelly Sullivan on The Young and the RestlessKelly Sullivan on The Young and the Restless

How could you do this us, “Young and the Restless?” The rumors were out there, and by now, we all knew it was coming, but as fans, seeing it with our own eyes just destroyed our hearts.

You made us feel for Sage, long for her to have her baby back in her arms, and the second he was there, she had to say goodbye–forever.

Yes, this is a soap opera and of course tragedy happens, but how much tragedy can we take in the course of two weeks over much-loved babies. First, Abby (Melissa Ordway) loses her little girl thanks to a vicious and devious child, and then Sage (Kelly Sullivan) loses her life just as she has her little boy back in her life.

We braced ourselves today because we knew we had to say goodbye to this character, but we never imagined how we would feel. As we watched that sweet baby look innocently at this woman who he’d never know as a mother, we felt as heartbroken for him as we did for Sage.

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However, we couldn’t feel heartbroken for Sharon (Sharon Case). We thought we would because how could anyone deny a dying woman’s last wish for her child–especially a woman who was her friend? Then, we remembered this is Sharon. Yes, she is unstable, but now she also seems horribly cruel. There’s no justification for what she’s doing, no matter how much she justifies it in her head that she must “protect” Dylan (Steve Burton).

At this point, we can only hope the second half of this long story reveal is not dragged out for months. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and learn the reason this event happened at the start of May sweeps was so that the true reveal takes place at the end, bringing this heartbreaking story to its long overdue conclusion.

Remember, at the center of this story is a little boy who will never know his mother, and at this point, we’re not even sure he will know his father–either the man who thinks he’s his father or the man who knows he’s his father. With no mother to protect him, this innocent baby could be a part of a very long tug-of-war nobody deserves.

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