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10 Interesting Facts About Doug Davidson


Doug Davidson is one of the most recognized people on daytime television. With a career spanning over 40 years, he’s maintained a spot as a fan favorite with a good guy image. As Paul on The Young and the Restless, he became a huge sensation. Here are ten things you may not know about Doug Davidson.

10. His Early Years
Davidson was born on October 24, 1954 in Glendale California. His parents named him Douglas Donald Davidson, making his initials DDD. His early life was happy and warm with great parents, wonderful friends, and a fantastic home life.

9. His Family Life
Davidson married the love of his life, Cindy Fisher, in 1984. They met the Y&R set when Cindy played the roles of Dana and Rebecca. The couple has two gorgeous children, a daughter Calyssa and son Caden. Since leaving Y&R, Cindy has also starred in two different roles on Days of Our Lives as Patty in 1978 and Diane in 1984.

8. He’s Super Educated
Davidson isn’t just hot; he’s smart. During his time attending Occidental College, he majored in marine biology. His lifelong love of water and sea creatures also makes him an avid scuba, diver.

7. He’s a Karate Master
He may not have his belt, but he does have his brown. Back in the day the sexy star took karate lessons and after much dedication and discipline he was able to go pretty far. Sure ninjas are hot, but real men are even better.

6. Rick Springfield Is His Best Friend
Rock star Rick Springfield and Davidson are so close in real life that Rick was even an usher at his wedding. The two have been to multiple charity functions and events together and to this day can be found hanging out. The duo met while attending an acting class.

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5. He Hosted a Game Show
From September 12, 1994, to January 27, 1995, Davidson had the pleasure of hosting The New Price is Right. The primetime version of the popular daytime game show lasted less than six months but was popular with its studio audience.

4. His Awards
Davidson is an Emmy-winning actor, snagging the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2013. He also earned four Soap Opera Digest trophies, as well–two Outstanding Supporting Actor awards, and two for Outstanding Hero.

3. Jeanne Cooper was His Mentor
Who’s a better soap acting mentor than Jeanne Cooper? Probably nobody. Davidson was lucky to work with her from the time he stepped on the Y&R set to the day Cooper died. Having such an icon as coach was amazing, and after her death, he was part of the cast who closed her dressing room, putting up a commemorative plate marking her time on the show.

2. Y&R Is His Only Soap
Davidson’s career on the soap began in May of 1973, and he’s been a Genoa City god ever since. He’s been given some of the best storylines and his acting skills always pay off. He’s believable, kind, and most of all, one of the only true heroes of daytime.

1. Longest Cast Member
Being the longest running cast member on Y&R, Davidson has played the role of Paul for almost 43 years, making him the unanointed King of Genoa City.

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