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The Young and the Restless Cast Spotlight: Lauren Fenmore

Name: Lauren Fenmore
Birthdate: May 29, 1964
Occupation: CEO of Fenmore Department Stores, Owner of Fenmore’s Boutique, Partner in Glow by Jabot Boutique
Education: Unknown
Current Partner: Single
Past Husbands: Paul Williams, Dr. Scott Grainger, Michael Baldwin
Affairs: Danny Romalotti, Brad Carlton, Jack Abbott, Ridge Forrester, Eric Forrester, Dr. James Warwick, Johnny Cerrera, Carmine Bosco, Cane Ashby
Children: Scott Grainger Jr., Dylan Lawrence Fenmore (deceased son who was switched with Scotty), Fenmore Baldwin
Parents: Neil Fenmore (father), Joanna Manning (mother)
Current Actress: Tracey E. Bregman

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]auren first appeared in Genoa City on January 21, 1983, as the teenage daughter of businessman Neil Fenmore. The gorgeous girl was hell on her father as a rebel teen who ran off to sing in Danny Romalotti’s band with Traci Abbott. For the first few years onscreen she spent the majority of her time bullying Traci. Lauren eventually grew out of this phase and went on to fall in love and start living an amazing life.

During her time in Genoa City, Lauren has been involved in a plethora of storylines, including being victimized, blackmailed, terrorized, having her children kidnaped, multiple affairs, murder, and several arrests. Through it all, Lauren has always remained a fan favorite and is one of the most beloved characters on The Young and The Restless.

Perhaps the biggest storyline for Lauren was being terrorized by super-villainess Sheila Carter. From almost the beginning of Lauren’s relationship with Dr. Scott Grainger, Sheila was jealous. Wanting the doctor all to herself, Sheila drugged Scott and slept with him, resulting in a pregnancy. When Scott, wanting the do the right thing, divorced Lauren to do right by Sheila, he found out that Lauren was pregnant too. Towards the end of her pregnancy, Sheila tragically lost her baby. Determined to mother the baby of the good doc, Sheila plotted to take Lauren’s.

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The kidnapping of  baby Scotty caused a lot of confusion for Lauren. When her child was born, she memorized every part of him, and deep down knew that the baby she took home wasn’t the same baby. It turns out that Sheila stole Scotty when he was born. The infant she was given as hers was a child that Sheila had purchased off the black market. The baby, that she named Dylan, passed on from meningitis before he was a year old. The discovery that Scotty was her son turned Lauren’s life upside down and she finally got him back.
Sheila continued to terrorize Lauren for years afterward. Sheila’s reign of horror included trying to kill Lauren in a fire, getting plastic surgery to look like Phyllis in another attempt to kill her, and faking her death. She also blackmailed Lauren, held her hostage, poisoned her, and kidnaped her youngest son Fenmore. When Lauren couldn’t take it anymore, she shot and killed Sheila and hoped her nightmare was finally over.

Falling in love with Michael Baldwin was a defining time for Lauren. After being stalked by his brother Kevin Fisher, Michael and Lauren became close. The more time they spent together the more it seemed they were meant to be. Michael became Lauren’s hero and eventually her lover and finally her husband. Their marriage produced a son, Fenmore, who is the light of both of their lives.

Lauren and Michael’s time together has seen many ups and downs. Kidnapings, character flaws, blackmail, and jail time have been huge obstacles that they’ve overcome together. An affair between Carmine Bosco and Lauren almost ended their union, but they made it through and got stronger. The downfall to their relationship came when Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Not wanting his wife to suffer with him, he pushed Lauren away. The second affair by Lauren came in the form of making out with Cane Ashby. Between Michael’s attitude and the kiss, the marriage fell apart after 10 years.

Things have been starting to look up for Lauren of late. At the Devon and Hilary’s wedding, Lauren and Michael started to realize what they meant to each other and the two may be able to find love once again. With Fenmore grown up and out of the house, hopefully Lauren can regain the romance she and Michael once had.

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