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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: Y&R’s Linden Ashby Nothing Compares to You

Y&R villain Linden Ashby has modified his workouts over the years.

linden ashby is a body in motion on young and the restless.Y&R stars Linden Ashby and wife Susan Walters have fitness in common.

Linden Ashby is back as Cameron Kirsten on The Young and the Restless. The evil character hasn’t hesitated to use physical force to get what he wants in the past. Ashby is up for playing that again as he stays physically fit. The actor recently chatted with Soap Hub about how he keeps in top physical form.

Linden Ashby: Riding the Waves

Take one look at the social media pages belonging to Linden Ashby, and you can see that both he and his wife, Susan Walters (Diane), stay physically active. “I’m a surfer,” Ashby says about one of his favorite physical activities. He started riding waves when he was 9 years old and says that he’s also fond of skiing, martial arts, and biking.

The proud husband says that his wife is an expert at physical fitness. “Susan is an absolute beast of an athlete,” Linden Ashby adds. “She’s a freak. She has the ‘suffer’ gene. There’s an event called the Santa Monica Mountain Challenge. People come from all over the country to ride bikes and participate in it. A few years ago, Susan won the women’s division. She rides a bike regularly. I couldn’t keep up!”

Father Time

Ashby says with the passage of time — something that’s inevitable for everyone — the key is to adapt. “When you get older, your joints don’t work as well,” offers the actor who plays Cameron. “Me? I love soccer. I played in a league twice a week. Then, my ankle fell apart. So, I couldn’t do it. You change, and you adapt, and you just keep moving. Keep having fun. It’s going to be okay.”

Linden Ashby: The Secrets to His Success

Ashby suggests that the key to having a good mindset about working out is to never compare yourself to anyone else, including yourself from a younger age. “If you let it get in your head, you’re going to be miserable,” the actor points out. “Don’t compare yourself to anything or anyone. Just be in the moment. Truly be in the moment and compare it to nothing else except to the present. You’ll stay loving [being active] for the rest of your life.”

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