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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: Y&R Alumni Michael Corbett Sees the World

Michael Corbett has Extra! travel in his life thanks to his hosting gig.

michael corbett collage of images for travel tuesday.Michael Corbett has traveled all over for work.

As an actor, Michael Corbett has gone from Ryan’s Hope to Search for Tomorrow to The Young and the Restless. The actor, who played Y&R’s dastardly David Kimball, recently sat down with Soap Hub to chat about his travels as host and senior producer of Extra’s Mansions & Millionaires!

Michael Corbett: Traveling Man

“During the pandemic, I wasn’t able to do a lot of traveling, but over the years, I have been to the most amazing destinations,” says Corbett, who was recently able to visit Portugal. “I loved going there.”

How did the actor, who played bad boy Michael on Ryan’s Hope and bad boy Warren on Search for Tomorrow before becoming Jill Abbott’s (Jess Walton) righthand man on Y&R, come to be Extra’s travel expert? “I was just wrapping up at Y&R, and I was at a restaurant,” he recalls. “One of Extra’s senior producers came up to me and said he was a big fan of my work, and he thought I’d be a great host.”

Paradise Found

That encounter led to a meeting with Extra! Executive Producer Lisa Gregorisch, who asked the actor what his interests were. Along with acting and real estate, Corbett said that he loved to travel. “She said, ‘You’re hired!’ They sent me to Hawaii the next week,” he recalls. “All these years later, I’m still there. I’m the longest-running talent on Extra!

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While Corbett has traveled to many locales, he says he’d love to visit the Maldives in South Asia. “It’s spectacularly beautiful, ” he raves. “I want to go there [especially] as it could be in danger from climate change. I’ve shot in Bora Bora and Fiji. I love tropical destinations.”

Michael Corbett: Why Travel Matters

Even though Corbett is working when he’s on location, he says he does make sure to take time to enjoy where he is on a personal level. “It’s almost as if someone sets up the most luxurious destination that you could imagine where you get to go to the best, finest restaurants and stay in the best hotels,” he says. “And you put it all on tape as you do it.”

One of Corbett’s favorite memories was visiting the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. “There were five of us in the entire Parthenon, and we were there when the sun rose,” the actor fondly recalls. “That’s something few get to experience. Doing things like that are astounding opportunities. I love working on Mansions and Millionaires.”

Corbett says that travel can be very educational while admitting that it’s also very expensive. “We are encapsulated in our own little world,” he says. “[But] when we travel, we see other cultures. We realize we’re all part of one world stage. For that reason, I think it’s very important to travel.”

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