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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: GH Alum Ryan Carnes Gets Away from it All

General Hospital alum Ryan Carnes needed a break — and he got one.

ryan carnes formerly of general hospital in a montage of travel images.Ryan Carnes went on an amazing trip.

Much to the chagrin of his fans, Ryan Carnes hasn’t played Dr. Lucas Jones in a while. However, the former General Hospital star recently got some much-needed rest, relaxation, and inspiration on a trip to Vesica in Tulum’s Mayan jungle in Mexico. Find out about his adventure in this week’s Travel Tuesday for Soap Hub.

Ryan Carnes: He Who Hesitates Is Lost

The actor took to Instagram to talk about his journey and why it was good for his health to get away. “I recently had the fortunate opportunity to go to #Tulum for the first time,” Carnes says of his visit to Vesica, which, according to its website, is “a community-based destination and home for creative authenticity and enriching sensory experiences in harmony with the regional landscape and nature.”

“I almost didn’t go,” the actor reveals. “I’d been facing some really challenging internal and external obstacles — obstacles that had their root in childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, and outdated modes of operating.

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“I considered that going on a vacation — that I’d planned months earlier — might be a distraction from what I needed to be facing/doing and a waste of my time and energy, that ought to be better spent elsewhere,” Carnes reflects. “How could I deal with my [expletive] and solve problems if I was laying around getting a tan? I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I learned a valuable lesson [along] the way.

All the Right Moves

“Sometimes, what’s most needed isn’t to ruminate on our perceived problems and forcefully plod on for answers to questions that aren’t yet available,” Ryan Carnes suggests. “Sometimes what’s needed is to do something illogical, to do something that will shake us out of the stasis in which we’ve found ourselves. Travel is beautiful for that reason. It allows us to get curious again, to step outside of our comfort zones, to dislodge ourselves from the rut of our every day habits — physical, yes, but especially mental and emotional.

Ryan Carnes Finds Inspiration

“I met some incredible humans who gave me the gift of their time, energy, and minds, and who shared beautiful insights with me,” the actor shares. “But most importantly, they gave me the gift of themselves. They both shared and listened from the heart and reminded me of the magic that is available to us all — if and when we choose to open ourselves [to] it. And from the trip that I almost didn’t take, ironically (or not) came invaluable inspiration toward solutions to the problems I thought I had to strain to solve, while suffering unnecessarily under the weight of my mind. I’ve never been more glad to be wrong. More thoughts to come on this transformative journey. Stay tuned…”

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