The History of The Bold and the Beautiful: The 1990s

The Bold and the Beautiful 1990s
The Bold and the Beautiful 1990s

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As the soap moved into the ‘90s, it built on the success of its first three years and continued to grow. The Stephanie/Brooke feud remained in the forefront. The show had shifted from a Brooke/Ridge/Caroline/Thorne quadrangle to a Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle. “Who will Ridge choose?” became an often-asked question. Sally Spectra continued to give the show a shot in the arm, amping up the show’s entertainment value. And move over, Ridge! Eric Forrester emerged as a popular leading man as Eric shared romantic screentime with Stephanie, Brooke, Sheila, Samantha (a Forrester model), Sally, Taylor, Lauren Fenmore, and Darla Einstein!

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1990

OFF-SCREEN: Colleen Dion debuts as the often-referred to Felicia Forrester, Eric and Stephanie’s youngest daughter. Brian Patrick Clarke (ex-Grant, General Hospital) takes over the role of Storm. Todd McKee (ex-Ted, Santa Barbara) joins the show as Jake Maclaine, Margo’s estranged brother. Hunter Tylo joins as Dr. Taylor Hayes. Robert Clary is cast as Pierre Jourdan, a character similar to the one he played on The Young and the Restless. B&B takes the No. 3 spot in the Nielsen ratings in March.

Original cast member Joanna Johnson (Caroline) exits the canvas when Caroline dies in Ridge’s arms. Another original cast member, Teri Ann Linn (Kristen), exits the show.

B&B received five Daytime Emmy nominations in the Creative Arts categories: Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling; Outstanding Achievement in Makeup; Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series; Outstanding Original Song (‘This Time Around’ – Ridge and Caroline’s theme); and Outstanding Achievement in Live and Tape Sound Mixing and Sound Effects.

ON-SCREEN: Ridge and Caroline wed. Their happiness is, alas, short-lived. Caroline discovered she was dying from leukemia and did her best to keep this news secret from Ridge. Caroline asked her doctor, Taylor Hayes (a cancer specialist and psychiatrist), to look in on Ridge after she’s gone; before dying, Caroline also championed Ridge and Brooke reuniting which would pave the way for a Stephanie/Eric reunion.

Ridge spent time with Taylor following Caroline’s death. Romance was in the air between the two but Ridge was still in mourning.

Eric, having had enough of Stephanie, and Brooke, having been dumped by Ridge, struck up a friendship which turned to love. Eric agreed to give Stephanie 30 more days as husband and wife – a day for every year they were married. Brooke, thinking they’d reunited, went to Paris and was befriended by Pierre Jourdan. Pierre learned that a pregnant Brooke planned on getting an abortion. He located her contact information and reached out to Brooke’s sisters. Eric got to Paris before Brooke terminated her pregnancy. They decide to get married.

Stephanie was all set to let Eric go until blabbermouth Thorne told her that the other woman in Eric’s life was Brooke! Stephanie barged into the Logan home and informed Brooke that she’d rather die than let her have her husband.

Sally proposed to Clarke Garrison both a business and personal relationship; if he married her, she’d cut him in on the financial profits at Spectra Fashions. Clarke makes love to Sally to convince her he can be a real husband. They marry.

Kristen Forrester and Mick Savage moved to New York. Bill Spencer hired Julie Delorian (Jane Rogers) to infiltrate Spectra and get closer to Clarke so she could write a tell-all book about him. Julie fell for Clarke for real.

Thorne discovered that Macy Alexander was the daughter of his family’s biggest rival – Sally Spectra. Thorne forgave Macy her deception and the two married. Much to Thorne’s happiness, his family showed up at the ceremony.

Ridge tried to get Stephanie’s mind off her marriage ending so he hired tennis pro, Jake Maclaine to give her some lessons. We learned that Jake was Margo’s brother, who ran away from home. Jake revealed that he had been sexually abused by their father Ben Maclaine (John Brandon); Jake shared an uneasy reunion with his parents, Ben and Helen (Tippi Hedren), and learned that he’d actually been abused by his Uncle Charlie. After the truth came out, Charlie tried (and failed) to kill Jake; then, he committed suicide.

Brooke gave birth to Eric’s son, Eric, Jr. A devastated Stephanie finally caved and gave Eric a divorce. Ridge, devastated by Caroline’s death, slowly began socializing with Taylor. Stephanie tried to dissuade Taylor from seeing Ridge as that would make her firstborn unavailable to reunite with Brooke. Steph wasn’t giving up on the possibility of reuniting with Eric. At the end of the year, Stephanie, Brooke, Eric, Taylor, and Ridge were snowbound at the Forrester Big Bear cabin.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1991

OFF-SCREEN: Original cast member Joanna Johnson (ex-Caroline) returns to the show as Caroline’s long-lost twin sister Faith Roberts AKA Karen Spencer. Peter Brown pops up as Blake Hayes, Taylor’s ex-husband.

B&B took home a pair of Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design. Darlene Conley received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Sally.

Do B&B and Y&R exist in the same universe? Our guess is yes as Macy tells Felicia that she got her new bathing suit at ‘Fenmore’s West.’ (Fenmore’s being the department store run by Y&R’s Lauren Fenmore.) Hmm…

ON- SCREEN: On Brooke’s wedding day to Eric, she fantasizes that Ridge asked her to run off with him – and she accepts! Fortunately (we think) for Eric, it was all a fantasy. Thorne comes down with food poisoning so Eric asks Ridge to step in as his best man. There’s a final look between Ridge and Brooke before she becomes Mrs. Eric Forrester. Stephanie, a glutton for punishment, attend the ceremony and reception in Palm Springs. Eric and Brooke took off in a hot air balloon as part of their romantic honeymoon.

Taylor and Ridge spent time together as Ridge urged Taylor to use her professional skills as a psychiatrist to help Stephanie, who was mourning the loss of her husband. Stephanie suffered a minor stroke, drove her car to an unfamiliar part of downtown Los Angeles, inhabited by homeless people. Her car and purse were stolen. Stephanie lived among the homeless. She’s befriended by Ruthanne Owens (Michele Davison) and Adam Banks (Rod Loomis). FYI: despite sharing the same first name, Adam is not Sally’s ex-husband.

Sally comes upon Stephanie, still with no memory, living as a homeless person. She’s rebuffed by the Forresters when she tries to warn them that Steph is in danger. Later, Adam spies a flier Sally had made up and lets Steph (who was going by the name ‘Liz’) know who she is. He sends her back to her home in Beverly Hills in a cab. Stephanie and her family are reunited. Her memory slowly returns. Steph withheld her recovery from Eric to gain his sympathy.

Stephanie hired a private eye to put surveillance cameras in Brooke’s lab at Forrester. Brooke has a breakthrough invention – a solution that when applied to linen makes it wrinkle-free. Overjoyed, she and Ridge celebrate by making love on the lab floor. Their romp is captured on camera. Eric decides to call Brooke’s creation ‘BeLieF’ – for Brooke Logan Forrester. Brooke breaks Eric’s heart by asking for a divorce.

Unaware that her father was going to offer her a big contract to design at Forrester Creations, Felicia accepts a lucrative deal at Spectra Fashions. She produces a few design lines including one inspired by endangered animals and the rainforest.

Julie informs Bill that she’s fallen for Clarke for real. Sally, pregnant with Clarke’s child, learned that Clarke and Julie were having an affair; Sally fired her husband and had his name taken off the building. Clarke wormed his way back into Sally’s life; she gave birth to his son, Clarke Jr. Sally let Felicia know that Clarke was back in as Spectra’s top designer.

Bill and Margo’s marriage fell apart. Blake got his hands on the video of Ridge and Brooke having sex and showed it to Taylor, hoping to win her back. Ridge is severely beaten after leaving Pierre’s restaurant. Blake was all but revealed as the attacker.

Stymied over not having a way to break up Ridge and Taylor, Blake took off for a trip and wound up in Starlight Texas. There, he met a waitress named Faith Roberts, who was a dead ringer for Caroline, Ridge’s late wife. There was good reason for this; Faith was Karen Spencer, Caroline’s kidnapped twin.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1992

OFF-SCREEN: Head writer and executive producer William J. Bell fully establishes that B&B and sister soap The Young and the Restless exist in the same universe by moving Y&R villainess Sheila Carter, played by Kimberlin Brown, over to B&B. Later that year, Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) travels to Los Angeles for a Forrester fashion show where she encounters her nemesis – in a fantasy sequence. Lauren and Sheila’s face-to-face confrontation takes place for real over at Y&R later. B&B hit No. 2 in the Nielsen ratings thanks to Lauren and Sheila’s dream confrontation. Lane Davies (ex-Mason, Santa Barbara) subs for Ridge after Ridge and Taylor’s honeymoon because Ronn Moss was in Italy taping a mini-series titled The Baron.

Taylor’s family was expanded with the arrival of her father Jack Hamilton (GH’s Chris Robinson) and her brother Zach Hamilton (Michael Watson). Brent Jasmer joins the cast as Irving ‘Sly’ Donovan, Zach’s pal.

B&B took home four Daytime Emmys in the Creative Arts categories: Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction; Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design; Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design; and Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control. Darlene Conley received her second consecutive nomination for playing Sally in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress. The show was also nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing. 

ON-SCREEN: Eric was temporarily blinded after he protected his son, Eric Jr., from being crushed by a falling bookcase. Brooke and Stephanie both cared for Eric while he was sightless.

Ridge decided to move forward with a future with Taylor so that his father and Brooke would stay together. Taylor took off to St. Thomas to get away from Ridge; he followed her and romantically proposed to her. She accepted.

Brooke found out she was pregnant with (she assumed, wrongly, it would turn out) Ridge’s child. She raced to the church in Malibu to stop Ridge and Taylor’s wedding but didn’t get there in time.

Blake gave Faith a makeover to make her look more like Caroline; she revealed herself to Ridge in his office. He was stunned but neither lingering feelings for Brooke or meeting his late wife’s twin dissuaded Ridge from his future with Taylor.

Ridge helped Brooke deliver her daughter, Bridget (a combination of her ‘parents’ names – Brooke and Ridge). While Brooke was convinced Ridge was the father of her child, no blood tests had been performed to make a final determination.

Personal and professional intrigue got hot and heavy at Forrester. Thorne fired Jake from a gig at the company after learning that he’d slept with his wife, Macy. Macy was arrested, falsely, for stealing the BeLieF formula and giving it to Spectra. Jake lied that he stole BeLieF to protect Macy. As a favor to Margo, Eric agreed not to prosecute her brother; Margo and Jake left town while who really stole the formula was never addressed.

Sheila Carter, who’d committed a host of crimes in Genoa City, where she was believed dead, was hired as a nurse at Forrester Creations. She ingratiated herself into Eric and Brooke’s life, becoming nanny to Eric, Jr. First, Sheila got Eric’s first nanny, Judy, out of the way by leaving some liquid detergent on the floor. Judy slipped and fell. Exit Judy, enter Sheila.  

A new triangle was created when Thorne fell for Karen; she and Macy had a food fight.

Clarke made love to a visiting Kristen; he told Sally he wanted nothing to do with their son. Sally hired a couple of guys to toss Clarke into a dumpster.

Zach threw himself into the path of Felicia’s car so they could meet. They later made love.

Jack had a big gambling problem. Bill Spencer, now single, dated Darla, who endearingly called the media mogul ‘Spence.’ A disguised Darla infiltrated Forrester Creations, using the name ‘Camille Howard.’

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1993

OFF-SCREEN: Michael Sabatino (ex-Lawrence, Days of our Lives) joins B&B as designer Anthony Armando; Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke, GH) is cast as Taylor’s mentor, Dr. James Warwick.

B&B won four Daytime Emmys in the Creative Arts categories: Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design (tied with Y&R); Outstanding Achievement in Makeup; Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction; and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design.

The show was also nominated for four additional awards: Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling; Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing; Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control; and Outstanding Achievement in Live and Tape Sound Mixing and Sound Effects.

ON-SCREEN: Sheila, determined to become Eric’s next wife, learned Brooke suspected that Eric was likely the father of her daughter. A paternity test was ordered to set the record straight. Blood samples from Eric and Ridge were drawn. Sheila snuck into the lab where they were being held and started to switch the labels. Before she could apply Ridge’s label to Eric’s sample and vice versa, Mike spun the label-free samples on a carousel mixing them up. Next, Sheila applied the labels on the samples but, thanks to Mike, she didn’t know which was Eric’s and which was Ridge’s. Later, Dr. Tracy Peters shared the results that Ridge was the dad but no one knew if this was true or not.

Ridge chose to stay with Taylor despite sharing a daughter with Brooke. But Brooke wasn’t on the outs at Forrester Creations. In fact, the year 1993 brought a big dynamic shift for the woman Ridge calls ‘Logan.’

The Forresters and attorney Steve Crown (Perry Stephens) tried to trick Brooke into signing away her rights as the creator of the profitable BeLieF patent. (As Eric’s wife, she didn’t have a standard employee contract.) Brooke, feeling betrayed, hires attorney Connor Davis (Scott Thompson Baker), Ridge’s high school rival, to represent her.

The Forresters fork over 51% control of the company to Brooke in exchange for the rights to the profitable BeLieF formula. Brooke lords her control over Stephanie by, among other things, taking over her office at Forrester. Brooke introduces a men’s line to Forrester Creations, which is revealed at a ‘Salute to Hollywood’ themed fashion show. Real-life celebrities Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Carol Channing, and Charlton Heston attend the fashion show as themselves, lending authenticity to the showbiz-themed storyline.

Eric and Sheila marry in private after facing opposition from Eric’s family and Lauren Fenmore. Sheila rubbed in Steph’s face that she was the new “Mrs. Eric Forrester.”

Sheila kept Lauren from turning her in to the police by blackmailing her over her affair with Brad Carlton (Don Diamont). If Lauren let the police know that Sheila was alive, Sheila would let Scott Grainger (Peter Barton) know that Lauren cheated on him with Brad and she’d lose custody of her son Scotty.

Eric was ready to drop Sheila as his wife until he saw her show great compassion towards Lauren’s dying husband (Scott), whom Eric thought was a stranger to Sheila. Scott died on Catalina Island. On his deathbed, he asked Lauren to give Sheila another chance.

Eric and Sheila moved into their new home in Holmby Hills, a residence once inhabited by magician Harry Houdini.

Taylor was reunited with her former mentor, Dr. James Warwick.

Sly romanced Macy with poems written by Bikini co-worker Keith Jones (Ken LaRon), the nephew of Stephanie’s pal Ruthanne. Macy took a job singing at Bikini but started drinking too much. Sly became her enabler. Macy’s loved ones staged an intervention.

Kevin (Keith Jones), Keith’s brother, spied Macy hiding a bottle after she claimed to have gotten on the wagon. After Macy entered sobriety, Sheila drugged her orange juice with vodka. Designer Anthony Armando took advantage of Macy’s state and kissed her.

Bill made a pass at “Camille,” not knowing she was Darla. Bill and Darla’s dynamic fizzled after his business dealings took him out of town.

Jack proposed to Sally but he threatened to call off the marriage if she used any stolen Forrester gowns. Fabio dropped by Sally’s bachelorette party, prompting the surprised bride to quip, “Oh, my Fabio. It’s God.” Sally lied to Jack that she was pregnant. Stephanie exposes her lie and Jack calls off the wedding.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1994

OFF-SCREEN: Brad Bell becomes head writer of B&B; William J. Bell Sr. becomes senior executive story consultant. B&B puts a focus on a youth scene by introducing Maitland Ward as Eric’s niece Jessica Forrester, and Dylan Neal as Dylan Shaw, a Forrester intern. Ian Buchanan (James) is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor at the Daytime Emmys.

The show takes home the gold in the following Daytime Emmy categories: Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction; Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design; Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control; Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing; and Outstanding Achievement in Live and Tape Sound Mixing and Sound Effects

ON-SCREEN: Brooke’s position as the boss at Forrester continues to be a thorn in Ridge and Taylor’s marriage. Ridge punches James after Taylor seeks platonic refuge with him.

An earthquake hits California – the Los Angeles residents are okay but the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, which James and Taylor were visiting, is left in ruins; James suffers a life-threatening injury. Taylor makes love to him so that he won’t die a virgin. They kept their romp a secret.

Taylor leaves for a medical conference overseas. While in an airport bathroom, she’s mugged by a woman who takes her ticket and the Forrester original outfit Ridge made for her. The plane crashes and Taylor is believed to have perished with the other souls lost in the crash.

Ridge puts his mourning aside long enough to tell Brooke that she shouldn’t marry James. Ridge proposes marriage and Brooke accepts. The Logan family – Stephen, Beth, Storm, and Katie – along with Ridge’s sister Kristen return for the ceremony on the beach in Malibu. Brooke arrived on horseback. But the union wasn’t legal as viewers learned that Taylor was alive and, in a coma, the guest of Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) of Morocco.

Ridge and Brooke honeymoon in Morocco and come close to discovering Taylor. Upon seeing Ridge’s newfound devotion to Brooke, Taylor, going by the name Leila, agrees to stay in Morocco.

James spies a photo of a veiled “Leila” and suspects she may be Taylor. He travels to Morocco to see Omar, posing as a journalist Brewster MacKensay.

There’s a strict “no dating the models” policy at Forrester but that doesn’t stop Dylan from falling for Jessica.

Karen and Connor married but, upon realizing their union has too much deception, she doesn’t sign the papers that would have legalized their union; she leaves town and returns to Starlight, Texas after getting a call from adoptive mother Bonnie Roberts (Dorothy Lyman). Karen signs Spectra back over to Sally before leaving town.

Macy and Sally came into conflict over their mutual interest in designer Anthony Armando. That was put aside after Macy was diagnosed with throat cancer. After performing overseas in a concert with Eric, Sally, and Thorne, Macy collapsed. She underwent surgery for the cancer and recovered.

Concerned about her future with Eric, Sheila tried to have a baby with Connor and trick Eric into thinking she’d had his child. Eric informed Sheila he’d had a vasectomy but that backfired when Connor told Sheila that was potential grounds for a hefty divorce settlement.

B&B fleshes out its young set with Dylan Shaw, a Forrester Creations intern; Jessica Forrester, the daughter of Eric’s brother John; model Ivana Vanderveld, and Sly. Dylan was brought up on charges after having sex with teen Jessica. Jessica blasted Eric over his interference in her love life as he himself had had three different wives – Stephanie, Brooke, and Sheila – in a relatively short period of time.

Jessica maintained that she’d had sex with Dylan willingly but the district attorney’s office went after him anyway.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1995

OFF-SCREEN: B&B won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera. Ian Buchanan (James) was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor; B&B also received a nod for Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series. Barbara Crampton, fresh off a stint as Mindy Lewis on Guiding Light, debuts as Maggie Forrester, Jessica’s mom.

ON-SCREEN: Stephanie put in a good word for Dylan with the court after she learned that he discouraged Jessica from running away. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Dylan and Jessica put their relationship on hold. Dylan began an affair with Maggie Forrester, Jessica’s mother.

Taylor shares a reunion with James in Morocco, but she refuses to come back to Los Angeles. Later, she agrees to come home after finding out her father Jack had a heart attack. Taylor opts to take on a disguise so as not to alert her loved ones just yet that she’s alive. Taylor enlists the aid of beautician Gladys Pope (Phyllis Diller) to help her with a disguise/makeover. Her reunion with Ridge is delayed by his temporary blindness. Eventually, they come face to face.

A judge declared that Ridge and Taylor were still legally wed, invalidating Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. Ridge, however, decided he wanted a future with Brooke. Stephanie helped Taylor find new digs by locating a beach house for her.

Sheila and Mike kidnapped James to make sure he didn’t tell anyone about her evil past. James lied to Sheila that he cared about her; later, he was able to escape. With the police closing in on her finally, Sheila held the Forresters at gunpoint and threatened to shoot Stephanie but her family made it clear that she’d have to kill all of Steph’s assembled friends and loved ones first. Sheila swallowed some poison, hoping to end her life. Instead, she survived and was institutionalized. Months later, Dr. Brian Carey (Kin Shriner) and fellow patient Sarah (Ellen Wheeler) helped Sheila win her freedom.

Eric fell for Taylor but she refuses to pursue a relationship with the family patriarch out of respect for his ex-wife Stephanie.

Ivana was killed…done in my Anthony Armando. Thorne was framed for Ivana’s murder. Anthony was ready to have sex with and then kill Macy in Mexico. Sally intervened and took a bullet for her daughter. The police arrived and arrested Anthony before he could do any more harm. Thorne and Macy re-wed on the beach at Bikini.

Sally hired Jasmine Malone (Lark Voorhies) to design for Spectra. Sally also hired Mike to spy on Forrester. Eric pretended to romance Sally so that she’d refrain from showcasing Forrester designs. Stephanie took glee in informing Sally that Eric didn’t truly love her.

The Forrester/Spectra feud took on a new dimension when Rick Forrester (AKA Little Eric) and C.J. Garrison got into some scuffs including one at Macy and Thorne’s wedding.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1996

OFF-SCREEN: Supervising producer Brad Bell becomes B&B’s executive producer. Producer Hope Harmel Smith, a member of the show’s original production team, leaves B&B to become a producer for Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach…Dan McVicar returned as Clarke Garrison…Charles Grant (ex-Preacher, Edge of Night; ex-Evan Frame, Another World), who screen-tested for the role of Clarke, joins the show as Grant Chambers. Lindsay Price joins the show as Michael Lai. Lark Voorhies (Saved by the Bell) is cast as Jasmine Malone.

Susan Flannery is nominated for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Serials – Daytime for directing an episode of B&B at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) Awards…the show wins Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electric Camera/Video Control for a Drama Series and Outstanding Hairstyling. B&B also got nominations for Ian Buchanan (James) for Outstanding Supporting Actor, Costume Design, Makeup, and Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series.

ON-SCREEN: Clarke Garrison came back to help save Spectra from going under. But first, he has to extricate himself from Unicorn Fashions and prove himself worthy to his son, CJ (Kyle Sabihy).

Just before Ridge and Brooke were to get legally hitched, a letter fell out of a book; it was from Dr. Tracy Peters, the doctor who ran Bridget’s paternity tests. The letter claimed that Brooke paid to have Bridget’s paternity test show that Ridge (not Eric, the true dad) was the father. Brooke denied culpability. Another paternity test was taken and lo and behold, Bridget’s dad turned out to be Eric. An understandably confused Bridget was told the truth. She asked to be alone.

Brooke suffered a ‘brief reactive psychosis’ and ran off to Barbados. Ridge and Lauren tracked her down as Brooke, grasping a doll, ran through the sugar cane fields.

Eric, based on Brooke’s condition, sued for – and won – custody of Rick and Bridget. Sheila poisoned Stephanie with mercury. A dying Stephanie was encouraged to live from a surprising source – Brooke!

Jessica learned that Sly wanted to impregnate her so he could marry into “Forrester money.” Jess lied to Sly that she was pregnant with his child; James gave Sly and Jessica a ‘Baby Think it Over’ doll, a mechanical doll that would simulate the needs of an actual infant.

Dylan fell on financial hard times and took up male stripping to finance college. Lauren tempted Dylan with money in exchange for sex but he couldn’t go through with it, which was a smart move as Lauren said she was only testing Dylan. He passed. Lauren went ahead and paid Dylan’s tuition anyway.

Designer Grant Chambers (Charles Grant) came on board at Forrester – it turned out he was an old friend of Taylor’s. Taylor left town but she and Ridge ran into each other months later on a plane when she was returning to Los Angeles.

Ridge planned to ‘trick’ Brooke into wearing a showstopper wedding gown at the next Forrester fashion show but he changed his mind after seeing Brooke and Grant in an embrace (not knowing that they were saying goodbye as Brooke was committed to Ridge).

Taylor told Ridge shortly before the proposal that if he ever needed her, she’d be there for him. Ridge got Taylor to model the wedding gown showstopper. A confused Brooke couldn’t believe her eyes when Ridge popped the question to Taylor instead of her.

Jessica is diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes. Sly, after finding out Jessica deceived him with the fake pregnancy, dons a mask and rapes her. Sly attempts to kill Jessica and Michael by burning down Bikini but Dylan saves them. Sly (seemingly) perished in the inferno.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1997

OFF-SCREEN: B&B scores its first acting Daytime Emmy win when Ian Buchanan takes home the gold for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Dr. James Warwick. Adrienne Frantz, fresh off a stint as Tiffany on Sunset Beach, joins B&B as Ambrosia “Amber” Moore. Mick Cain joins the cast as C.J. Garrison. Singer Dionne Warwick records a B&B closing theme ‘High Upon This Love.’ She recurs as herself, a pal of Lauren Fenmore’s.

Tristan Rogers (AKA Scorpio, General Hospital) joins B&B as private eye Hunter Jones. Colleen Dion returns as Felicia Forrester. In December, Jacob Young and Agnes Bruckner join the show as, respectively, Brooke and Eric’s children, Rick and Bridget, at the end of the year – just in time for Ridge and Brooke’s New Year’s Eve marriage ceremony.

ON-SCREEN: Ridge and Thorne race to the marina hoping to stop Brooke from marrying Grant; Ridge cries out into the fog but it’s too late. Mr. and Mrs. Chambers sail off into the fog. Thorne tells Taylor that Ridge tried to stop Brooke and Grant’s wedding, prompting Taylor to call off her plans to marry Ridge. Grant discovers that the officiator who ‘wed’ him and Brooke wasn’t licensed. Grant keeps this news from Brooke as he doesn’t want to lose her to Ridge.

Hunter Jones tries to figure out who shot Grant Chambers. Ridge confesses to the shooting after finding out that Rick (Steven Hartman), after playing too many video games, pumped lead into his stepfather. Brooke and Grant decided to unveil their new line at a masquerade ball at Brooke’s home; Ridge shows up, disguised as Zorro, hoping to re-win Taylor’s heart. Ridge eludes the police; he and Taylor reunite in a motel.

Ridge is found guilty of shooting Grant; thanks to Grant’s testimony at Ridge’s sentencing, the designer is given probation.

Clarke finds out that Grant and Brooke aren’t legally wed. Brooke learns the truth, tells Grant she can’t marry him for real, and reinstates Eric and Ridge at Forrester. She ends her relationship with Grant.

Macy and Thorne divorce over her turning in illegal immigrant Claudia Cortez to authorities. Thorne arranges for Claudia to marry Enrique (George Alvarez) so she can stay in the country. Claudia had hoped that Thorne would be her groom. Grant and Macy, both single, connect romantically.

Thorne saves Taylor from a fire at her beach house. Taylor suffers severe burns. Thorne intercepts a love letter fax from Ridge to Taylor while they’re in Hawaii; Taylor refuses to wed Thorne, however.

Taylor discovers she’s pregnant with Ridge’s child. Brooke accepts Ridge’s marriage proposal while they’re in Italy; Brooke remains mum that Taylor is pregnant with Ridge’s child. Just as Taylor is about to tell Ridge that she’s pregnant with his child, Brooke announces that she is carrying Ridge’s baby.

Eric and Lauren begin a romance. However, Eric proposes to Stephanie after their daughter Felicia urges them to reconcile. Lauren gets a new penthouse and forges an alliance with Sally to bring Stephanie down. Eric and Stephanie’s marriage ceremony comes to an abrupt halt after the officiator discovers in his Bible a provocative photo of the groom and Lauren. Stephanie blasts Lauren and tosses her in the Forrester pool as payback.

After a trip to Lake Como, Italy, Eric and Lauren fly back to the United States – the plane crashes and they are rescued by a mysterious mountain man named Rush (AKA Tony Carrera). Eric realizes that Tony was a photographer who killed a model named Sharon Stills; Rush/Tony bounds and gags Eric and attempts to seduce Lauren. Eric breaks free and (seemingly) kills Rush with a crossbow and arrow.

Stephanie, Ridge, and a rescue team find Eric. Stephanie is stunned to learn that Lauren is with him.

Pregnant with James’s baby, Sheila interferes in his marriage with Maggie. Sheila gives birth to James’s daughter Mary. Sheila’s new roommate Amber (Adrienne Frantz) becomes Mary’s nanny.  Sheila manipulates James into divorcing Maggie and marrying her. Sheila attempts suicide after learning that James only married her as a ruse to get full custody of Mary. The whole storyline took a 180-degree turn when James professed his love for Sheila, which gave her the will to live; Maggie was arrested after trying to pull Sheila’s plug in the hospital. Obsessed with Sheila, Mike kidnaps her and makes James think that Sheila has left him.

Musical chairs with the show’s designers continue as Thorne hires Clarke to design at Forrester Creations; Sally hires Grant to be the creative guy at Spectra Fashions.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1998

OFF-SCREEN: B&B won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling; the show received nominations for Ian Buchanan (James) in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor; Outstanding Lighting; Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design; Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design; and Outstanding Achievement in Makeup. Soap veteran Paul Satterfield (ex-Paul Hornsby) joins B&B as Dr. Pierce Petersen.

ON-SCREEN: Pregnant with Ridge’s child, Taylor attempts to stop Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. Her plan hits a snag after she goes into labor! Thorne helps deliver his nephew whom Taylor names Thomas after St. Thomas where she and Ridge once got engaged.

Brooke suffers a miscarriage while on her honeymoon in Italy – but Stephanie doubted she was ever pregnant to begin with. Taylor brings Thomas to Ridge and lets him know that he is his son. Ridge is upset that both Taylor and Brooke weren’t honest with him. Ridge asks Brooke for an annulment but Brooke refuses to sign the papers. Bridget runs away upon finding out that Ridge wants out of his marriage to her mother. Despite Brooke crashing the wedding, Taylor and Ridge marry; they honeymoon in St. Bart’s. Upon their return, Taylor connects professionally with charismatic Dr. Pierce Petersen and meets his loyal assistant Bailey (Paul Williams).

Brooke lost Ridge to Taylor but she still had her position at Forrester Creations to try and lure him into her life. Brooke launched ‘Brooke’s Bedroom’ – a new line featuring intimate bedroom apparel. Stephanie, aghast at the sexual nature of the line, tried to end the press conference announcing its launch early. She ended up falling onto a bed with Brooke. Ridge tumbled in next. Taylor demands that Ridge choose – either her or  Brooke and her new line. Taylor’s dismayed after Ridge and Brooke travel to Genoa City to meet with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) to talk about Jabot Cosmetics creating a perfume for Forrester Creations.

Pierce makes a play for Taylor; Ridge shows up at Pierce’s demanding to know where his wife is. Pierce taunts Ridge and tells her that she’s upstairs in his bed – leaving out the twisted ankle!

In a rare twist, Sheila Carter became the victim after Mike and his brother Marty (David L. Landers [AKA Squiggy of Laverne & Shirley fame]) kidnapped Sheila. James rescues her and Sheila informs James that Maggie (!) was the ringleader in her kidnapping. James breaks ties with Sheila; Maggie vows revenge on Sheila. James’s relationship with Sheila costs him his job. Sheila tries to drown Stephanie after she and James lock lips; Sheila threatens little Thomas unless Stephanie backs off from James. She caves to Sheila’s threat. Sheila’s threats to Thomas are caught on tape; her parole is revoked. Sheila threatens to get even with Stephanie. James gets full custody of Mary.

Mike helps break Sheila out of jail. Sheila shows up at the Forrester mansion and shoots Stephanie. Before she can finish her off, Amber intervenes and stops Sheila from killing Stephanie.

Rick helps Amber get a bracelet she stole from Brooke back from a pawn shop. Amber and CJ Garrison convince Rick to drag race. Rick is severely injured in a car wreck during the race; Amber donates one of her kidneys to save Rick’s life.

Eric and Brooke demand that Amber stay away from Rick after they learn she’s seeing her old high school buddy Raymond (Usher Raymond); Amber negotiates $50,000 from Brooke to walk away. Rick finds out what his mother did and also learns that Amber’s pregnant (but he doesn’t know that he might not be the father).

Before marrying Amber, Rick takes an interest in newcomer Kimberly Fairchild (Ashley Cafagna); Kimberly’s dad, Myles, is, in reality, Adam Alexander, Sally’s ex-husband and Macy’s dad.

Macy and Grant get married; he offers to leave her after Grant discovers he can’t have children. Macy tells him she doesn’t want to him go. Alas, Grant is diagnosed with testicular cancer. His dying wish is for Macy to be happy again so he pushes her to reunite with Thorne. Wanting to keep Grant happy, Macy and Thorne go along with the charade. While recovering from a car accident, Macy is reunited with Myles/Adam, her father. Adam saves a despondent Macy from a suicide attempt.

Lauren Fenmore was still dealing with her ordeal with Rush when she spotted a man who looked just like him – Rush’s twin brother Jonny! Lauren wasn’t fully assured that Jonny wasn’t Rush until she saw that he had no scar as Rush had had. Unbeknownst to everyone, Rush was really still alive; he came to Los Angeles, kidnapped Jonny and went after Lauren. Eric rescued Jonny. Rush fell to his death for real after Eric and he struggled.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 1999

OFF-SCREEN: In a surprise move, Jacob Young leaves his role as Rick. The show recasts that part with Justin Torkildsen. Eric Braeden brings his The Young and the Restless character Victor Newman over to B&B. Producer/director John C. Zak, who worked for the show for a decade, exits.

B&B earned Daytime Emmy nominations for Jacob Young (Rick) for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design; Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing; Outstanding Hairstyling; Outstanding Makeup; and Outstanding Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing

ON-SCREEN: Brooke flirts with Victor Newman in an effort to make Ridge jealous. Taylor gently tells Pierce that she can’t work for him as he has feelings for her. Brooke and Pierce console each other over unrequited love but Brooke tells Pierce that she doesn’t feel anything romantic towards him, prompting him to leave town.

Taylor and Ridge were expecting twin daughters; however, after an encounter with an ill homeless person (played by Frank Gorshin), she comes down with tuberculosis (TB). Taylor refuses treatment until after her girls are born so that the medicine doesn’t affect their development. Taylor suffers a cardiac episode but recovers. Ridge and Taylor name their daughters Phoebe and Stephanie (Steffy).

Macy attempts to reunite her parents – Sally and Adam; her relationship with Thorne is hampered by his attraction to Brooke. Adam professes to still love Sally.

Stephanie overreacts when she learns that Brooke and Thorne are romantically involved. She goes over the top and physically attacks Brooke at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear. Eric agrees to help nurse Stephanie back to health after the matriarch suffers a stroke.

Eric and Brooke give in and sign a consent form so that Rick can marry Amber. Rick’s unaware that Raymond could be the father of Amber’s unborn child. Amber seeks refuge in Furnace Creek with her mother Tawny as she’s unsure if the baby is Rick’s or Raymond’s. After Amber gives birth to a boy, the midwife takes the baby out of the room briefly; she returns to say that the newborn has died. She was unable to revive him. Amber is devastated.

Amber convinces her cousin Becky, who is poor and pregnant, to give her her son. Becky gives birth and agrees to let Amber raise her baby boy. She returns to Los Angeles with Becky’s son, introducing him to the world as Eric Forrester III.

Kimberly, having lost Rick to Amber, starts dating CJ. Becky comes to Los Angeles, unable to let go of the connection she feels to her son, AKA Little Eric. Forrester shutterbug Giovanni Lorenzano takes an interest in Kimberly but she only has eyes for Rick.

Spectra and Forrester take part in a joint fashion show which ends with Kimberly, modeling a showstopper, getting her dress caught on a hook (set up by CJ) – she’s left scantily clad. Photographers capture her vulnerable state.

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