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Will Wyatt And Katie EVER Get Married On The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Few couples on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) have the stability — not to mention flat-out fun — that Wyatt and Katie have. They’re proof positive that a pair can be entertaining and interesting without all the angst and drama most soap couples have.

But should they get married? Or would that ruin what’s special about them? Soap Hub asked B&B fans if they think Wyatt and Katie should tie the knot or not? Read on for the results!

Go To The Chapel Already!
The majority of you, over 58%, feel that, yes, Wyatt and Katie someday will get married. They have a few obstacles to overcome first, however. Bill has to be informed of their relationship.

And, frankly, now’s the best time to tell him because Bill feels incredibly guilty over the way he’s treated Liam (as well he should)! Bill’s wanting to make friends these days and what better way to do that than to accept Wyatt’s new romance?

It’s Just A Fling
The rest of you, over 41%, feel that no, Katie and Wyatt won’t ever get married. Perhaps you feel that part of their “fun, no-strings-attached romance” can’t last because it lacks a solid foundation.

The couple really hasn’t talked much about the future — children, where they’d live, etc. They seem to be living in their own little bubble (even though Eric and Quinn know about them). Can their relationship stand the test of being out and in the open?

Time Will Tell
It would be nice to see Katie and Wyatt make a go of it. They represent a couple that can be interesting without having tons of baggage. Sure, Katie’s been married to Wyatt’s dad. And Wyatt has been involved with Hope.

But that’s tame by B&B standards when you think of the number of Spencer men whom Steffy’s been with and the number of times Brooke has said “I do” to a Forrester man. The mixing and matching of couples is a B&B staple, but it’d be nice to see one duo — Wyatt and Katie — be a constant.

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtimes.

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