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Will The Forresters and Spencers Survive Thanksgiving Together On The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful ThanksgivingThe Bold and the Beautiful Thanksgiving

The Forresters are known to put their differences aside with their foes and disgruntled family members to gather around the table at Thanksgiving. This year will be no exception, but will the tensions among the assorted clans on The Bold and the Beautiful prevent a peaceful celebration?

Soap Hub asked B&B fans if they think the families can get along on Thanksgiving. Read on to get the results!

Please Pass The Potatoes
There have been a host of conflicts among the Forresters, Spencers, Spectras, and Avant families this year. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) broke up with Bill after she learned he tried to burn down Spectra. Steffy didn’t like it when Sally started dating her brother Thomas and really didn’t like it when she kissed her husband Liam! The list goes on.

Despite this, 63% of you feel that the clans will survive sharing a meal on Thanksgiving, but that it’ll be an awkward day.

Turkey Gathering
The rest of you, 37%, don’t think the day will be peaceful at all and there will be some kind of big blow out.

Traditionally, the Forresters and their guests will honor the holiday by each stating something that they’re grateful for.

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But that doesn’t mean that things don’t get tense later. A few years ago, Quinn (Rena Sofer), who had set her eyes on Eric, started making sure Donna wasn’t going to get back into her ex’s good graces!

Christmas Is Coming
Odds are, the Forresters and their guests won’t be decimated by any big events on Thanksgiving. After all, the next big holiday — Christmas — is coming and that’s another day that the Forrester mansion is filled with family, friends–and even foes. The show has traditionally wisely saved the big blowouts for other times of the year.

Just as B&B viewers enjoy taking time to enjoy the holidays so do the B&B characters. There’s plenty of time throughout the year for affairs to be conducted, secrets to be exposed, and fireworks to skyrocket!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtimes.

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