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What Should Happen to Vinny on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful Vinny Joe LoCiceroThe Bold and the Beautiful Vinny Joe LoCicero

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Switching a paternity test is serious business! The Bold and the Beautiful’s Vinny, played by Joe LoCicero, was playing with people’s lives when he altered the test results on Steffy’s unborn baby. Fortunately, the truth came out!

The Bold and the Beautiful Poll Results

What should happen to Vinny as a result of his actions? Soap Hub posed this question to BB fans. Read on for the results!

The Price You Pay

Most of you, 52%, believe that Vinny should lose his job. You feel he simply can’t be trusted anymore. There’s merit to this.

If Vinny changed the test results so that his BFF Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) could have a clear shot at Hope (Annika Noelle), there’s no telling what else he might do or what else he might have done. The hospital may have to go back into Vinny’s other cases to see if he rigged other tests in his effort to host his own version of The Dating Game.

Jail Bird

Almost a third of you, 30%, feel that Vinny should go to jail for his role in altering the tests. This seems severe. Yes, it was wrong, but given the crimes that other folks on BB commit and not have to serve time for, it would be extreme for Vinny to have to go to the big house just because he tried to make Steffy’s baby a Spencer.

We’ve already seen how he fares in fights after he went down on the lab floor! Would Vinny survive time in the slammer?

He’s Suffered Enough

The rest of you, 18%, feel that Vinny has suffered enough. He got beat up at work by that doctor (Finn, played by Tanner Novlan) that all the women at the hospital swoon over. (Though, Vinny, we suspect that some of those same ladies find you attractive, too!)

If Vinny does lose his job, the least Thomas could do is give his longtime pal a gig at Forrester. Hey, Zoe (Kiara Barnes) lied about baby Beth and she wound up as a Forrester model! Perhaps Vinny could be the latest runway guy for Forrester Creations Men’s Line!

What’s going to happen next to Vinny? Stay tuned to find out! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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