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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Brooke Packs Her Bags And Leaves The Forrester Mansion

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

Video Credit: milenastefanova

Today, Brooke has her own mansion and lives in it with Ridge and R.J. on The Bold and the Beautiful. But she didn’t get to be this secure overnight. It took Brooke a long time to get to where she is!

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) felt Ridge (then Ronn Moss) would never give her a commitment so she decided to pack and move out of the Forrester mansion where Ridge had invited her to live. Meanwhile, Eric (John McCook) and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) discussed Ridge’s future with Brooke, believing that things between them were only going to intensify and lead to marriage.

Later, Stephanie saw Brooke packing and misunderstood and thought that Brooke had secured a marriage proposal from Ridge. But she told Brooke she was still going to do her best to turn Ridge away from her. Steph told Brooke she had no respect for fidelity. The Forrester matriarch said to Brooke if she didn’t marry Ridge then she wouldn’t tell him that her mother, Beth (Nancy Burnett), was involved with his father Eric.

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Knowing Brooke had already lost, she agreed to Steph’s demand. Then, Stephanie realized that Brooke and Ridge were over. She was thrilled that she was finally rid of her nemesis! Stephanie rubbed Brooke’s face in the fact that she was going to put the word out that Ridge was single once more and she’d be inviting lots of eligible women over as potential suitors.

Brooke vowed to make Stephanie pay for her cruel treatment of her. That would come when Brooke ended up marrying not only Ridge, but also Eric and Thorne, too.

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Video Credit: BuffyandBoothAngel

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