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The ‘Secret’ Behind Character Names On The Bold and the Beautiful!

The Bold and the Beautiful BabiesThe Bold and the Beautiful

It’s practically a tradition that offspring on The Bold and the Beautiful be given a name that’s of significance.

Liam and Hope wanting to name their daughter Elizabeth, or “Beth” (after Hope’s late grandmother),  isn’t an unusual request — even though Rick and Maya have already done that with their daughter Lizzie (a variation of Elizabeth).

Here are some other examples of specially chosen names for B&B characters.

Bridget: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) was anxious to lure Ridge away from Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and giving birth to his daughter wasn’t enough, so she decided to sweeten the deal.

What she did was give her newborn a name that was a combination of her parents — Brooke and Ridge, hence Bridget! Of course, a more appropriate name would have been “Erica” as Bridget turned out to be the daughter of Eric (John McCook)!

Thomas: Taylor didn’t initially tell Ridge he was the father of her son, but naming him Thomas should have been a clue to the designer that he’d fathered a boy.

First, he was having sex with Taylor during the time she conceived. Additionally, Taylor named her kid “Thomas” after the island of St. Thomas where Ridge had proposed marriage to Taylor.

Aly: Thorne and Darla (Schae Harrison) broke Macy’s (Bobbie Eakes) heart when they fell in love. Darla had a great fondness for Macy’s mom, Sally (Darlene Conley), too, having been her longtime assistant at Spectra Fashions.

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So the couple decided to name their daughter Aly, short for “Alexandria,” a variation of Macy’s last name, Alexander.

Douglas: The next generation of toddlers on B&B will someday be aged and when they start popping up onscreen as teens and young adults, their characters will have significant handles, too.

Douglas is the offspring of Thomas and Caroline. His name was chosen to honor the late Stephanie (Susan Flannery), whose maiden name was Douglas.

Logan: Bridget (Ashley Jones) and Owen Knight (Brandon Beemer) were together long enough to conceive a son,  who has possibly the coolest sounding name for a soap character we’ve heard in a while — Logan Knight!

The couple named their son after the maiden name of Bridget’s mom Brooke.

What’s your favorite name that B&B has used to give its next generation of characters?

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