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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Amber

The Bold and the Beautiful AmberThe Bold and the Beautiful Amber

Amber Moore not only gave The Bold and the Beautiful a shot in the arm when she arrived on the scene, but she later stirred up Genoa City when the character, played by Daytime Emmy-winner Adrienne Frantz, migrated over to The Young and the Restless — cementing her place in soap opera history.

Amber loved to cause trouble of the first order — or at least trouble always seemed to find her. Here’s a look back at the BB and YR character who always wanted “Moore” out of life!

Cradle Robber, Part 1
After a brief stint watching Sheila’s baby Mary, Amber landed a gig watching over teen Rick Forrester. There wasn’t much of an age difference between them and soon Rick lost his virginity to Amber.

She became pregnant with his child but also had had sex with rising rock star Raymond Usher. Who was the father? Rick was, but Amber and Rick’s baby boy was stillborn. She passed off her cousin Becky’s newborn as Rick’s son, but eventually Amber confessed all to Rick. They divorced.

RIP, Becky
Becky took back her baby boy and fell in love with C.J. but Amber soon learned that Becky was dying. She and C.J. conspired to make her final days happy. After she passed away, Amber and C.J. had temporary custody of little Eric, but a phony drug bust led to Rick taking guardianship. Amber and Rick remarried and were happy for a while, but she was drawn to bad boy Deacon – little Eric’s birth dad.

Payback’s A Bitch!
Amber launched her own fashion line, Ambrosia, at Forrester Creations, but battled rival, Erica Lovejoy, for Rick’s love. Amber learned that “Erica” was, in reality, Mary Warwick (boy, do they grow up fast)! Alas, Amber and Rick lost custody of little Eric (they never officially adopted him) to Deacon.

Cradle Robber, Part 2
Amber seduced Thomas Forrester, earning her Ridge’s wrath. She got even with Thomas’s dad by trapping him and Bridget in a mineshaft. But her machinations cost her Thomas’s affections. Even reuniting an amnesiac Ridge with his family failed to return her to their good graces.

Destination: Genoa City
Her options in Los Angeles exhausted, Amber traveled to Genoa City to look up her pal Lauren Fenmore. There, she romanced professor Cane Ashby, who, at the time, was believed to be Jill Abbott’s switched-at-birth son.

Amber lied to Cane that they’d gotten married in Las Vegas. Then, an old flame, “Plum,” threatened to show naked pictures of Amber to Cane. Plum died so Amber enlisted Kevin and Daniel to bury the body! Cane learned his marriage to Amber was a fraud, ending their union.

Unlikely Friendship
Amber’s relationship with Katherine Chancellor was cemented after the two were trapped together in the cave-in at Clear Springs. After Kay was presumed dead, Amber wrote her memoir, “Live Until I Die.” She figured out that it was really her double Marge who passed away. so Amber helped rescue Kay after she and Esther had been kidnapped – again – by Clint Radison!

You Again!
Deacon popped up in Genoa City and told Amber he could exonerate Daniel (Amber’s latest love interest) from a trumped-up murder charge so she reluctantly had sex with him.

Daniel rescued Amber from Deacon, and they were married. Alas, their union didn’t last. After Amber got custody of little Eric (AKA little Deacon) back, Daniel shared that he wasn’t ready for kids.

I Love L.A.
Back in Los Angeles, Amber set her sights on publishing heir Liam Spencer. Liam’s controlling dad, Bill, gave a pregnant Amber a cliffside house, planning to have her fall – and either lose “Liam’s” baby or die (or both)! Steffy saved Amber, who later gave birth to a daughter, Rosie.

Rosie’s dad turned out to be Marcus Walton – Liam was off the hook! Amber and Rick gave their relationship one last shot, but her machinations led to an inevitable breakup. Amber returned to Genoa City for Kay’s memorial and hasn’t been seen since!

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