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The Bold and the Beautiful History: Remember Caroline Spencer

The Bold and the Beautiful CarolineThe Bold and the Beautiful Caroline

Throughout soap opera history, there are times when a character is so successful a show decides to write in a namesake of the original. That’s what happened when The Bold and the Beautiful brought on the character of Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), the daughter of Karen Spencer, the twin of the late great Caroline Spencer Forrester.

Sweet Caroline

Caroline had no sooner set foot in Los Angeles than she had two men fighting over her affections – Thomas Forrester and Rick Forrester. She also faced a rival in Amber Moore, Rick’s ex-wife, who wanted to get back with her former husband.

Caroline and Thomas teamed up to help prove that their pal, Marcus, wasn’t texting when a vehicular accident occurred. Caroline felt she couldn’t trust Thomas, however, after he and Rick got into a physical altercation and Rick fell out a second-story window!

Taking A Fall
Caroline had her own fall after overhearing that her uncle Bill got Deacon, Hope’s dad, out of prison to throw a wrench into Hope and Liam’s marriage. She assured everyone that Bill wasn’t responsible for her painful accident.

Next, Caroline had a second fall, but this one was a fall from grace when she showed a jealous side over Maya Avant, who took a liking to Rick. At a fashion show, Caroline put Maya in some prison-like wardrobe to humiliate her. After believing that Carter and Maya were sleeping together, Rick wed Caroline on the rebound.

Designing Woman
Caroline grew close to her brother-in-law Ridge after he lost the ability to design. Maya spied Ridge and Caroline sharing a kiss and told Rick, who took it very badly. He began seeing Maya and divorced Caroline. He used Stephanie’s gun to fire a “warning” shot at Caroline and Ridge.

Caroline literally started to lean on Ridge after she broke her ankles in an accident. After Maya was exposed as being transgender, Caroline actually supported her. She helped Ridge create California Freedom, which Maya and other models wore on the runway.

Doubting Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful

Caroline combined anti-anxiety pills with alcohol after Ridge told her he didn’t want kids. She had a fling with Thomas and woke up the next morning not knowing what she’d done. Surprisingly, Ridge asked for a reunion. Caroline and Ridge wed, and she soon learned she was pregnant. But Ridge had had a vasectomy, so Thomas was the dad! Caroline gave birth to his son, naming him Douglas, the late Stephanie’s maiden name.

I Love NY
Caroline split from Ridge and tried to make a go of it in New York with and without Thomas. At first, it didn’t work out and Thomas started a romance with Sally Spectra. Bill lied to Thomas that Caroline was dying, so he dumped Sally and moved to the Big Apple. He found out the truth and reunited with Sally only to leave her again (!) and commit to Caroline and his son.

History Repeats
Just as her beloved aunt Caroline died, so too did her namesake when Caroline developed a blood clot — or so Thomas has told everyone. He returned to Los Angeles and informed his family of the tragedy.

Thomas then proceeded to try to trap Hope into becoming Douglas’s stepmother. But is Caroline truly dead? Or did Thomas orchestrate her passing in order to execute his scheme to marry Hope? The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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