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The Bold and the Beautiful Poll Results: Can Thomas and Hope Make It As A Couple?

Hope, Thomas, Douglas The Bold and the BeautifulHope, Thomas, Douglas The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas has done some terrible things in order to get Hope on his side on The Bold and the Beautiful. Technically, Hope hasn’t been on the up and up either. Does this make them more alike than they are different?

Just as Thomas kept secret from Hope that baby Beth was alive, Hope didn’t tell anyone but Brooke that (she thought) Thomas was dead. If they’re both deceitful, does that make them two of a kind? Soap Hub asked BB fans to see if they think that Thomas and Hope could someday make it as a couple. Read on for the results.

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?

A clear majority, almost 76% of you, believe that no, Thomas and Hope don’t stand a chance of becoming a couple. There’s just too much bad blood between them. While Hope would love to remain Douglas’s (Henry Joseph Samiri) mother, she doesn’t want to have to be Thomas’s wife in order to make that happen.

Even if Hope could someday forgive Thomas for remaining silent, could she really feel safe with a man who indirectly caused the death of Emma (Nia Sioux)?

Hope For The Future

A little over 23% say that yes, Thomas and Hope could have a genuine future together. Many BB characters have behaved immorally and illegally over the years. Take Quinn, for example. She pushed Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) into the Seine so that Liam (Scott Clifton) wouldn’t propose to Hope.

But Eric (John McCook) has committed to her anyway. Bill (Don Diamont) did all kinds of nefarious things, but Katie (Heather Tom) somehow has found a way to give the guy another chance. If these folks can have their evil deeds forgiven and forgotten, then perhaps Thomas could get a second chance, too.

Slight Chance

The rest of you, less than 1%, chimed in with responses that include “anything can happen on this soap” and “get him in therapy somewhere.” Counseling would be the first step for Thomas to find redemption.

Once he atones for his crimes, then it’s possible Hope could find something to love about the guy — aside from his son! Stay tuned to see what happens next. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

Video Credit: Silvia Petrachi

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