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Bold and the Beautiful July 9: Here’s What Fans Feel about Thomas, Paris, and Hope

People have a lot to say.

Collage from the Tuesday, July 9 episode, of The Bold and the Beautiful, with Soap Hub Logo Near the Bottom.What the fans are feeling about Hope/Thomas/Paris.

On the Tuesday, July 9 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, the sole topic everybody discussed in their different scenarios was Hope/Thomas/Paris.

Tuesday Afternoon Feedback

It didn’t matter where the characters were located. They all had tunnel vision. Their focus remained on the variations of Thomas’s return and how that affected and shocked Hope.

At Eric’s place, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang — who talks B&B here), Donna (Jennifer Gareis), and Eric (John McCook) analyzed Hope’s feelings about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and how lost she felt. Thomas, Paris (Diamond White), and Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) visited with Steffy and her kids. What did they talk about? Asking Eric to get married at his place, for one. Hope (Annika Noelle) and her feelings for the other. Finally, at Forrester, Finn (Tanner Novlan) relayed to Hope how she needed to put Thomas behind her. She needed him for the moment, but no longer. Now, it was up to her to find the man of her dreams.

As you can expect, B&B fans feel different ways about what’s happening with the Thope, Hope, and Paris story. So Soap Hub checked out X, Formerly Twitter, to see where everybody’s head was at regarding each element of this complicated situation. (Find out what the rest of B&B’s week has to offer)


When Hope begged Thomas not to marry Paris, some saw that as a new low for the character. @KelleyBelley08 says she’s a Hope fan, but acknowledges that “she needs to go off somewhere and find herself. It’s time to regroup.”

Meanwhile, @FrankieVtotheD says, “The problem is: everyone thinks it’s a mortal sin to be single. Hope hasn’t even been divorced for a year. It was too soon for her to marry Thomas & it’s too soon for her to be in a serious relationship with anyone. she needs to focus on her kids & HFTF #BoldandBeautiful”

@KPJHMAMA has some advice for Hope. “I like Hope but she rejected Thomas so stop running around crying to any and everyone that will listen like you are a victim. If he is making a mistake it’s his to make, girl he deserves love/committment too. #BoldandBeautiful

@BroGod4Life didn’t mince words and for emphasis, put it in all caps, shouting, “Hope, LET IT GO YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF STOP BEGGING FOR THOMAS HE’S MOVED ON #BoldandBeautiful.” Enough said.


@ChelseaAMusic was happy that Thomas’s grandad had his back. “Eric standing up for his grandson & not letting Donna & Brooke bad mouth him anymore it’s about time we need more of this!! 👊👊 #BoldandBeautiful”

@AmberEllim needed some clarification. “Anyone know why Brooke is team Thope? She should be showering Paris with gifts and hooking up Hope with Liam


@CelosiaEithne was logical about the Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood — who shares a cool hobby of hers here) of it all, saying, “IDK, I just feel like if you turn down a proposal three times, you can’t blame the man’s sister because he found someone willing to say yes. Maybe that’s just me, but… #BoldandBeautiful”

As for @themyersfan25, they think Steffy does like Paris, “but she’s pushing them together because she doesn’t want Thomas with Hope. #boldandbeautiful”

@brunettenerd1 wasn’t happy with Steffy. “Steffy is so frustrating how she’s pushing Paris and Thomas to get married. She’s so tiresome and annoying #boldandbeautiful”

Hope and Finn

The Hope and Finn conversation at the end of the July 9 episode featured them mentioning how well he knows Hope. @Phenomenall.Cole isn’t having it. “Finn stop giving Deacon’s daughter faith about finding love again and go spend time with your wife and congratulate Thomas and Paris and getting engaged. All Hopeless Hope is doing is taking your kindness for her weakness, snap out of it Finn!”

@deljama wanted to know “Why does it always show Finn & Hope in the next scene whenever some says Hope is going to find the “man of her dreams?” PLEASE leave #SINN ALONE!!! #Boldand Beautiful #BoldandtheBeautiful”

Hope, Paris, and Thomas

@angelofmusic27 says, “Hope has the right to feel the way she does right now. He didn’t edaviser about moving on. He just came back to town engaged. It’s cruel manipulation, but what do you expect from a psycho that comes from another psycho’s blood, Stephanie.”

@Alesha3Mitchell was in shock at the entire situation. “Paris wants to marry a man in love with someone else and Hope stays begging a man who is engaged to come back to her. Now Thomas is proposing against o what, prove a point? The three of them need to just put on a clown mask because we are in a circus. #BoldandBeautiful”

Finally, @SusanDaw1 said, “Paris is convinced that has been open and honest with her about Hope. We all know that he’s using Paris. Poor Hope just keeps on begging………………….#Foolish #BoldandBeautiful”

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