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The Bold and the Beautiful News Update: Katherine Kelly Lang On Brooke’s Bedroom

Katherine Kelly Lang The Bold and the BeautifulKatherine Kelly Lang The Bold and the Beautiful

The Brooke-themed week on The Bold and the Beautiful continues. Today’s episode featured Brooke’s launch of a new fashion line at Forrester Creations titled “Brooke’s Bedroom.” Needless to say, departing from Forrester’s traditional elegance doesn’t sit well with Stephanie.

Katherine Kelly Lang On Brooke The Powerhouse

At first, the launch of Brooke’s Bedroom line seemed understated. But then Brooke scheduled some models to enter the press presentation wearing lingerie from the new label. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) wanted to keep things as dignified as possible. But then Brooke’s presentation took a sexy turn. While it was a hit with the press, Stephanie couldn’t hide her disdain.

“Brooke has brought a lot to Forrester – she created BeLieF, the wrinkle-free fabric solution, Brooke’s Bedroom, and Taboo,” Lang recently shared with TV Insider. “She’s been very successful. I thought it was great when the show brought Brooke into more of a power position.

“It’s good to show diversity in Brooke’s life. She can be fun and sexy and also [a good businesswoman]. She came from a family that brought her up right. She worked hard and went to college. She’s not dumb. She’s smart – and at the same time, she has a big heart. She loves romance and fashion.”

By the time Brooke’s Bedroom line debuted, Brooke was holding her own against Stephanie. Katherine Kelly Lang admits that in BB’s early days, she was intimidated by Flannery — just like Brooke was by Stephanie — but that made the scenes richer and more believable.

“I learned so much working with Susan,” Lang recalls. “She taught me a lot. She’s tough and doesn’t back down. She took it all so seriously. The show and her character meant so much to her. Her attitude was, ‘This is what we’ve got to do! And we’ve got to give it 100%!’

“I felt that way, too. She was so adamant. She made me nervous sometimes. But I wanted to show her that I could be there, right there with her. We did it. We had the best time working together.” The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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