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The Bold and the Beautiful News Update: John McCook On A Tight-Knit Cast

John McCook The Bold and the BeautifulJohn McCook The Bold and the Beautiful

One reason the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful is so close is that it’s such a small group. The 30-minute serial has fewer players than hour-long dramas, but the cast remains consistent more than others do so there’s less turnover.

John McCook And BB Popularity

The actors experience something that not a lot of other shows do — unparalleled international acclaim. BB is the most-widely watched daytime serial in the world. The show has traveled abroad many times to shoot episodes on location and it’s in those locales that the show’s cast members stay especially close — out of necessity!

“I have to give credit to Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] and to [show creators] Bill and Lee Bell,” John McCook (Eric) recently told TV Insider. “They would take us all out to dinner after the day’s work [when we’d shoot internationally]. It became a necessity in Italy. If we split off, we’d all get mobbed.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful cast is treated like members of the Beatles were in the 1960s when they’d be in foreign counties. The only solution to stay safe was to stick together! “We’d take over a restaurant and [fans] would peek in the windows at us,” McCook recalls. “It was a wonderful way for us all to be together.

“One time, Laurette [Spang-McCook, my wife] was not with me. The cast all went to a big long table and it was her birthday. We got everyone at the table to sing happy birthday to her and we sent it to her…there’s a really warm enthusiastic thing that comes with shooting on remote, especially overseas.”

As viewers have learned or been reminded in the recent BB classic episodes that have been airing, the show has traveled as nearby as Palm Springs, Calif. and as far away as Australia and Italy. The glamorous backdrops have been used as eye candy while the love lives and professional escapades of the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans play out! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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