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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Liam Spencer

The Bold and the Beautiful LiamThe Bold and the Beautiful Liam

William Spencer III — otherwise knowns as Liam Spencer — a wanton waffler with no consideration or a man addicted to love and uncertain of where his affections truly lie? Either way, he spells trouble for the ladies of Los Angeles.

Who Is Liam Spencer?

William “Liam” Hopkins was the product of a love affair between Kelly and Bill Spencer Jr., though he grew up never knowing his father’s identity. In fact, Liam suspected that his dad was either Thorne or Ridge Forrester but upon traveling to Los Angels and getting a job at the family’s fashion house, he learned the truth about his parentage.

After making the acquaintance of Hope Logan, Liam was smitten and they began to court. However, the girl’s brunette sister by marriage, Steffy Forrester, also caught Liam’s eye.

He saved her life in a near-fatal drowning and despite his status as an engaged man, the pair became hot and heavy. When Hope caught them kissing, she dumped Liam.

In response, Liam proposed to and married Steffy, though he obtained an annulment when he learned that his bride and Bill had sabotaged Hope’s attempt to object at the ceremony.

Subsequently, he wed Hope, but their Italy-based ceremony wasn’t recognized by the United States. Prior to attempt number two, Liam spent the night with Steffy, indulged in a booze binge, and wound up tattooed and with dyed hair. As before, Hope ended the engagement and Liam crawled back to his other woman.

Further waffling followed – Liam wooed Hope back but they had to part so he could wed a pregnant Steffy. When Steffy miscarried, she filed divorce papers and left town, leaving Liam to fight Wyatt Fuller – eventually revealed to be his half-brother – for Hope’s hand.

Though Hope chose Liam, she found herself in a pickle when it was discovered that she was pregnant with Wyatt’s baby and Liam found himself the inevitable victim of Quinn Fuller’s violent machinations – which included kidnapping amnesia-stricken Liam and holding him hostage in a cabin.

The Triangles Continue
After he recovered, Liam had to again battle Wyatt for the affections of another, but this time the woman in question was Steffy! The exes reunited and married in Australia, but the union was dissolved after a number of catastrophic events. Chief among them, Liam’s kiss with Sally Spectra, Steffy’s extramarital affair with Bill, pregnancy conundrum (Liam was the papa), and Liam’s own pregnancy-inducing affair with Hope.

There was yet another wedding for Liam and Hope and a further divorce, this one precipitated by the presumed loss of their daughter, Beth. Thanks to little Douglas, the truth about Beth’s survival was revealed but Liam and Hope found it impossible to work on their relationship in the aftermath of her adopting Douglas and tying herself to his increasingly unstable father, Thomas.

And who should Liam seek comfort from? Steffy of course. And just when Hope was ready to forgive and forget, she caught the two kissing – an incident co-ordinated by Steffy and Thomas.

Will Liam and Hope be able to find there way back to each other or will they both move on to other partners? Only time will tell. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.


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