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Steffy And Bill As An Actual Couple: Yay or Nay?

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy’s on the outs with her husband Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). And Bill is either on the outs or on his way to being on the outs with — well, everyone! Should this couple join forces to create a new power base?

Soap Hub asked viewers if they’d like to see Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Bill (Don Diamont) have a future together. Read on for the results!

Don’t Make Things Worse
Almost 64% of you feel that it’d be crazy for Steffy and Bill to plan a future together. Steffy would never get Liam (Scott Clifton) back that way. She’d be alienating him even more — if such a thing were possible. He’d never take her back if Steffy were to plan a future with his dad.

Bill likewise will risk Liam ever wanting to be in the same room with him again if he were to plan a life with Steffy. Plus, Bill would not only be Steffy’s child’s grandfather but also his or her stepfather!

I Do, I Do
Then there’s the 36% who want Steffy and Bill to make a go of it. There’s merit in this move. Steffy can dry her tears and take charge of her life. Bill can prove to everyone that he truly has feelings for Steffy by making a commitment to her.

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It’s great that Steffy has genuine remorse for her fling with Bill, but for years she was odd woman out in the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle. She could have reminded Liam of the times he wasn’t always so faithful in matters of the heart.

Power Couple
A Bill/Steffy pairing would keep everyone on their toes in the business world. Bill would have an in at Forrester once more and Steffy seems more in alignment with Bill’s stronger business stances. We’re not advocating Steffy become unfeeling, but Liam has told her it’s over.

She needs to focus on her future, providing a stable environment for herself and her unborn child. Perhaps Bill can provide that stability? B&B’s had surprise marriages in the past — remember Brooke and Eric’s second, albeit brief, union? Stay tuned to see if Bill and Steffy have a future!

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