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Ridge? Thorne? Bill? NOBODY? Which Man Should Brooke Be With On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Brooke on The Bold and the BeautifulBrooke on The Bold and the Beautiful

Her marriage to Bill was a bust given his decision to blow up Spectra Fashions, so now the question is which man should Brooke be with on The Bold and the Beautiful? There are, after all, plenty of men who wouldn’t mind having her as their wife!

Soap Hub asked who’s the right man for Brooke. Read on for the results!

A “Bridge” Over Troubled Waters
Ridge comes off as the winner in the “Who should be with Brooke?” contest, earning over 46% of your votes. This makes sense as Brooke’s been in love with Ridge since the show’s early days.

They’ve come to close to making it last many times, but fate always tears them apart. Can Brooke truly forgive Ridge from smooching with Quinn shortly before their last planned wedding? If she can, then perhaps Ridge and Brooke will walk down the aisle one more time.

A “Thorne” By Any Other Name
It’s early but so far there seems to be nice chemistry between Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Ingo Rademacher’s Thorne. The writers have armed the latest Thorne with all the backstory, which gives him the viewpoint that Ridge is just no good for Brooke.

And Thorne recalls that he and Brooke were once very happy together. Maybe they could be again? If Brooke turns to Thorne, she’d have something both new and familiar.

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Bill Makes No Sense
Very few of you, between 3 and 4%, want Bill back in Brooke’s life. It wouldn’t make much sense for Brooke and Bill to reunite at this point. Sure, there’s great chemistry between them, but Brooke can’t easily forgive Bill for his role in blowing up Spectra, nearly killing his own son and Sally in the process.

Additionally, Bill’s already moved on to Steffy in many ways. The duo’s one-night stand could turn into a lasting relationship. Brooke deserves a man who’s committed to her.

And The Rest
Nearly 21% of you feel that Brooke shouldn’t be with Ridge, Thorne or Bill; instead, she should move on to someone else. Eric’s not a possibility given that he’s committed to Quinn.

The show could always tap into someone from Brooke’s past — James, Connor, her first fiance Dave Reed (a cop) — or perhaps a new man could come into the scene? Then again, it might not be a bad idea for Brooke to spend some time (gasp!) alone before finding another relationship!

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtimes.

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