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B&B Spoilers Recap For September 27: Ridge Gets A Surpise Visit About Thomas & Douglas

Douglas Forrester’s future with the Forresters is in question.

B&B Spoilers Recap Thomas and Ridge

B&B spoilers recap for September 27, 2022, tease a shocking visit from Child Protective Services that leaves Douglas Forrester’s future at the Forrester mansion in question.

B&B Spoilers Recap Highlights

At Forrester Creations, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) discussed Brooke Logan Forrester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) accusations against Thomas. He was heartbroken that somebody would think that he’d be a danger to Douglas (Django Ferri).

Then, Ridge went to play chess with Douglas at the Forrester mansion. The little boy accused his grandpa of simply letting him win, but Ridge denied it. He complimented his grandson’s artwork and then asked Douglas if he liked living there with his dad and great-grandpa; Douglas said that he did. Ridge pointed out that Douglas had two homes, and the boy reiterated that he liked it at the mansion.

A knock on the door led Ridge to answer it. He was shocked to see Child Protective Services on the porch. They stated they were there about Douglas, and then Thomas walked in. Ridge informed him of the situation, and Thomas, Ridge, and Douglas seemed worried.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: People Like These

Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) and Brooke talked about Thomas’s “threats” with the knife. She adamantly declared that Thomas isn’t a safe person for Douglas to be around, but Hope tried to give Douglas’s father the benefit of the doubt. Then, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) walked in and heard Brooke’s accusations. He seemed to mostly take Brooke’s side, and he warned Hope that Thomas was likely dangerous.

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Brooke left Liam and Hope alone. Hope wanted to know what Liam thought, and he declared it was time for Douglas to come home to live with them. Hope said she desperately wanted the little boy home, but she also cried because she didn’t want to impede on the progress that Douglas had made with his father. They both agreed that Thomas carrying a knife around didn’t sit well with them. Liam insisted that Hope shouldn’t allow Thomas to intimidate her, and then he asked if they were still on the same page about Douglas coming home to live with them for good.

Liam said that he agreed with Brooke that they had to be extra vigilant with somebody like Thomas, who has had so many deep psychological issues. Then, Hope told her husband that Thomas’s overall behavior had improved, and Liam pointed out that she’d said that before. Brooke walked in, and she insisted she’d do whatever it took to get Douglas back home with them where he belonged.

B&B Spoilers Recap: First Family

Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) complained to Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) about Brooke constantly trying to bring down Thomas. They both acknowledged that Brooke never liked Thomas. Steffy went on about how she and her brother were Ridge’s first family, and then she reminded Taylor that the more Brooke ran down Thomas, the more likely it would be that Ridge would leave his wife and return to them.

Taylor pointed out that Brooke is burning her marriage to the ground by attacking her children. But, then Taylor said that she didn’t want Ridge back just because things with Brooke were so toxic. Instead, she wanted Ridge to want to be with them. Steffy pointed out how much happier Ridge seems with them these days. Steffy declared the knife overreaction was a new low for Brooke, and she insisted that her dad wanted to be with her mom.

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