Will Hope and Liam’s Marriage Survive on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Will Hope and Liam's Marriage Survive on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Regardless of whether he’s the baby daddy of Steffy’s unborn child or not, the fact remains that Liam cheated on his wife Hope with his ex-wife Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Sure, Liam (Scott Clifton) knows it was wrong and hasty, and way too impulsive; he really should have confronted Hope (Annika Noelle) about that kiss he thought he saw her giving Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) before he fell into bed with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). But he didn’t.

Can Hope and Liam’s marriage survive? Soap Hub posed this question to viewers. Read on for the results!

How To Survive A Marriage

The majority of you, over 38%, say no, the marriage can’t survive because the trust has been broken. Liam hasn’t hesitated to confront Thomas in the past.

Why didn’t he burst into his apartment and demand to know what was going on with Thomas and “Hope” when he saw them? Did part of him deep down want to throw away his marriage by hooking up with Steffy? If Liam and Hope do stay together, they’re going to have to go into intense therapy.

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Almost as many of you, 36%, feel that Hope and Liam’s union will survive because their love is strong. Yes, Liam royally screwed up. But he had the courage to admit his mistake to Hope and is begging for her forgiveness.

Hope has to decide whether or not she can live with the fact that there will always be some kind of pull between Liam and Steffy. The key, of course, is him not acting on it. If Liam can refrain, then perhaps “Lope” will survive.

The Doctors

The rest of you, about 26%, feel that Liam and Hope can make it if and only if they get some therapy. Paging Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo)! Her absence from the lives of her children, Thomas and Steffy, has been noticeable given their recent battles with mental illness and opioid addiction.

Taylor might be a little biased as Liam and Hope’s problems include her daughter, Steffy, however. There are other therapists around including Dr. Stacy Barton (Hillary B. Smith), who has given Hope some help in the past.

Will Hope and Liam make it? Stay tuned to find out! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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