Should B&B’s Douglas Forrester Be Able To Choose Who He Lives With?

Douglas Forrester has two families who want him with them very much; is he able to make the choice?

The Bold and the Beautiful Hope Thomas Douglas ForresterThe Bold and the Beautiful Hope Thomas Douglas

Douglas Forrester has spent the last few years living primarily with Hope Logan Spencer in her little log cabin with her husband, Liam Spencer, and her daughter, Beth Spencer, on The Bold and the Beautiful. He has spent little time with his actual dad, Thomas Forrester, but now Thomas wants to change things and Douglas seems game.

Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Douglas (Django Ferri) is the son of Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), but after Caroline died of a brain tumor, Thomas became obsessed with Hope (Annika Noelle) and wanted her as his wife and his son’s new mother. Thomas was also not in his right mind at the time and eventually, Hope became his legal guardian, with her and Thomas supposedly sharing custody. With Thomas fighting to get his son back, does Douglas have the right to make this decision for himself?

Let Douglas Forrester Choose

With Douglas currently played by Django Ferri now that Henry Joseph Samiri left the role, he looks to be about 10 years old and for 63% of you, that’s old enough for Douglas to make his own decisions — at least in terms of which parent he lives with. He seems to very much want to be with his dad, although he loves Hope like a mom and calls her that. He just really misses his father and has been making that clear since at least last year.

You understand that Thomas was verbally abusive towards his son when his obsession with Hope took over his life, but he has done everything in his power to fix himself and make amends and you don’t think it’s a big deal if he ends up choosing Thomas.

B&B: Still Way Too Young

Another 24% of you think that Douglas does not have the maturity to make this decision on his own. Perhaps he is just attached to his dad because he is his dad. Maybe he would be better off staying with Hope and her family where he’s been happy and thriving. You think a judge should decide that and not a little boy.

Hopefully, Douglas Forrester Chooses Well

The final 13% of you think, in an ideal world, it would be nice for Douglas to choose for himself, but he is still just a kid and he might pick the more fun parent as kids this age often do in a custody situation. Right now, that fun parent seems to be Thomas and if Douglas chooses him, it might be a mistake.

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