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Liam Spencer: Newly Crowned King of Fantasy Island

The Bold and the Beautiful

It turns out Wyatt’s words to Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) disparaging his brother’s fitness to be CEO seem to have been prophetic as Liam spent much of today’s episode giving away the family fortune.

His pie-in-the-sky social goodness burst flamingly out of control as he promised six-month paternity and maternity leave to eligible employees, 10 $100,000-scholarships to children of Spencer Publications’ employees who were deemed worthy, and delayed mandatory retirement.

Beautiful thoughts. Truly. We get goosebumps just thinking about working for such a company. Wait…this wasn’t Apple? Google? This was a business that produces print publications? Please forgive us as we laugh so hard we literally fall off our chairs as we type this.

While we applaud Liam’s (Scott Clifton) generosity, what firm–never mind one that caters to a DYING industry like print publishing–has so much profit in their coffers that they can afford to give such benefits?

Then again, it’s not like Spencer just paid out a huge sum for a building they no longer own, right? Oh wait….what? Oh that’s right. Liam did that too. The writers make Liam seem like out an out-of-control man child with no idea how the real world works.

We find that to be a bitter pill to swallow. Just because he wants to do good in the world doesn’t mean he’s stupid. As it stands now, Liam may be King of Fantasy Island, but he won’t have much of an empire to rule soon.

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