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COME BACK! Which Forrester Should Return to The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

Thorne and Hope are on their way back to town on The Bold and the Beautiful, but there are still a slew of Forrester and extended family members who aren’t currently on the canvas. And they are missed!

Soap Hub asked which Forrester you’d like to see return to the show. Read on for the results and see if you agree!

Taylor Made
Taylor (Hunter Tylo), Ridge’s ex, won the most support in this poll, earning nearly 33% of the votes. For years, Dr. Hayes was the voice of reason on the show. She’d guide characters who were lost while at the same time embarked on going after her own dreams.

Now’s an ideal time for Taylor to return as her daughter, Steffy, is in turmoil over her recent one-night affair with Bill. Also, Sheila’s back in town. Viewers want a Taylor/Sheila showdown!

Hello, Stephanie
Even though we saw her pass away on camera (as we once did Taylor!), Stephanie came in second with just over 30% of your vote. The Forrester matriarch is missed and imagine how a resurrected Stephanie would handle certain characters on the canvas.

She’d come down on Quinn so hard it’d make Sheila’s antics look like a birthday party! It’s a stretch to resurrect Stephanie, but fans just might buy it if it meant having the powerful matriarch back on the canvas!

Hi, Felicia!
Felicia came in third in the poll with 9% of your vote. It’d be unrealistic to have Stephanie come back to life so perhaps having her strong-willed daughter back on the scene would be the next best thing!

Felicia could more than hold her own with Quinn, Sheila, and any other threat to her father’s happiness. She’s a designer who could help out at Forrester or even Spectra, where she once worked.

And The Rest
An impressive amount of your votes, almost 28%, went to other characters. Given that B&B is over 30 years old now there are a ton of characters who could return and shake things up.

Steven Logan would throw a wrench into Charlie and Pam’s romance. A resurrected Macy could help re-establish Spectra. And wouldn’t it be nice to see Maria, the Forrester’s longtime maid, re-appear to roll her eyes at the family antics?

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Deveney Dixon

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