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The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) Spoilers: An Explosive Spectra Confrontation!

The Bold and the Beautiful SpoilersThe Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (BB) for Wednesday, April 19 find Steffy assuming the mantle — and attitude — of her namesake grandma, while Coco goes off on her sister for listening to their grandma — to devastating results.

The Return of Stephanie Forrester
Somewhere along the line, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) somehow got the idea that inheriting her grandmother’s name meant she was also entitled to her influence — and her freedom to wield it indiscriminately.

Taking a page out of the great Stephanie Forrester’s book, Steffy informs her brothers, Thomas (Pierson Fodé) and RJ (Anthony Turpel), that neither of them is allowed to associate with a Spectra sister any longer — so says Steffy.

Now, RJ is a kid. He actually might listen to his big sister’s authority, out of sheer fear. But Thomas is a grown man.

He had a baby with their father’s wife, for Pete’s sake! That really puts him out of range of Steffy’s edict. The question is, will she see it that way?

Explain It To Me Like I’m Seventeen
Coco idolizes her big sister, Sally (Courtney Hope). And Sally has always looked out for Coco.

Which is why Coco is doubly slammed to find out that Grandma Shirley (Patrika Darbo) decked Coco out in design-stealing jewelry — and that Sally went along with it.

Now Coco’s (Courtney Grosbeck) relationship with RJ is kaput (even before Steffy went around issuing ultimatums), and the Forresters might sue! You know whose name is going to be at the top of that complaint filing.

Which means that Coco’s career in fashion is doomed, too…continue reading on the next page —>

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