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Bold and the Beautiful Star Scott Clifton’s Powerful Words For His Son

Scott Clifton The Bold and the BeautifulScott Clifton The Bold and the Beautiful

Babies on soaps grow into teens fairly quickly. While the passage of time occurs more naturally in real life, The Bold and the Beautiful star Scott Clifton can attest to the fact that the years do go by as evidenced by his son Ford now celebrating a milestone birthday.

Scott Clifton Pays Tribute To His Son

“My son is five years old,” Clifton shared on Instagram along with an adorable photo of his child, which can be seen below. “It’s a sentence I half-expected would come prancing out of my mouth like a Broadway diva waiting far too long in the wings, but opening night always felt so far away. He’s no longer a baby or even a toddler. Today, as I see him at least, Ford makes his debut as a boy.

“I have memories of myself earlier than five, of course, but this was the age I truly began to form complete, enduring, robust memories of my own,” the actor recollects. “And I can’t help but parent by way of analogy: the sense I have of what it’s like to be Ford at any given age is inextricably tied to my own memories of that same time. I remember being five in a way I don’t quite remember being four, or three — I remember the person I was, the wishes I had for the future, the sense of being an autonomous person in the world. And so too, I imagine, will a 36-year-old Ford.

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“This is it, kid,” the BB star adds. “You’re on record, now. Your life, your history, is no longer anyone else’s to narrate for you—it’s your story to tell, and remember. May you be a protagonist we, and you, can root for; may your scars be few and your regrets useful; may you be kind to the people you will become and compassionate toward the people you once were; may you love, and accept love, freely; may you strive to be the best at something you cherish; may you always be good to children and animals; may you never stop tinkering with your philosophy like a careful watchmaker; and may you find happiness—real happiness—in all its exquisite incarnations.

“I love you, my sweet son,” Clifton concluded. “The stage is yours. Now break a leg. #5yearsold.” Soap Hub joins Clifton in wishing Ford a very happy fifth birthday! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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