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Three Fuller House Stars Reunite For Emotional Event!


It was a dream come true for fans of Full House when the series was revived by Netflix a few years ago with the title Fuller House. The actors who played beloved characters on the former ABC sitcom stepped back onto a sound stage together for the first time in a long time.

How did it feel to be back together in the studio? Soap Hub has the reactions of three of the show’s stars Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), and Andrea Barber!

“It was extremely overwhelming,” Cameron Bure says. “I walked onto the soundstage with Jeff [Franklin, the series creator] for the first time, and I had to pause and stop and take more than a few moments because the emotions really got to me, and I was just crying because I was flooded with so many memories. It was just [as if] we never skipped a beat, and I think that was a reassuring feeling because we are like, “’Okay. This is this is going to work.'”

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“It was definitely like a huge homecoming,” says Sweetin. “And we have stayed so close over the years. But working together again, without like Candace said, without missing a beat, it was the same jokes and the same sort of things that we kind of shared collectively as a group. It’s like when you get back together with a group of friends that you maybe haven’t seen for a really long time or haven’t been with that intensely, you just pick up right where you left off. It was like, ‘Oh, I know this. This is home.'”

“It was overwhelming to walk onto the [new] set for the first time,” says Barber. “My first time walking onto the stage, the set wasn’t dressed yet, and it wasn’t painted. So it was sort of like walking into an archaeological site that had just been unearthed after 20 years, and it was all very dusty. It was like coming home again to your childhood home.”

The first three seasons of Fuller House can be found on Netflix. Watch for season 4 either later this year or in 2019.

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