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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: Author Lynne Bowman Talks Brownies for Breakfast

Author Lynne Bowman thinks that soaps are a great platform to educate and inform viewers.

lynne bowman talks brownies for breakfastLynne Bowman champions soap storytelling and Brownies for Breakfast.

Lynne Bowman has written a few books on nutrition with Days of our Lives pal Deidre Hall. Recently, the author chatted with Soap Hub about one of her books that she wrote by herself, which has the delicious title — Brownies for Breakfast — for this week’s Wellness Wednesday.

Lynne Bowman: Soaps Relay Messages

Bowman has a lot to teach about nutrition through her books, but it was going on the road with Deidre Hall that helped educate her about how to reach audiences with powerful messages. “Deidre and I have traveled together,” Bowman says. “We’ve done a lot of women’s expos and we did two books together. I’ve never been a big TV watcher, so I didn’t understand when people would come up to Deidre and tell her how much their families loved watching her!

“I had no idea how important soaps are to people,” Bowman marvels. “Marlena was with them when they were up at 3 a.m. nursing their babies or when they were going through a deep loss.”

Brownies for Breakfast

If the idea of having tasty dessert squares (that are healthy!) for your first meal of the day sounds like a great idea, then Bowman’s book, Brownies for Breakfast, is the book for you! Bowman has written a tome that contains healthy recipes that are for folks who are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or not. Bowman writes about a variety of topics that can help people lead a healthier life.

“People don’t have to give up anything — except eating junk!” Bowman enthuses. “I want people to eat better, more delicious food than ever. [I write about] changing habits and how people source their food.” Bowman feels that consumers have been conditioned to eat unhealthy foods that can lead to disease. “I’m trying to help people by giving them knowledge about what they need to break their addiction to sugar,” she says. “I want others to learn. It’s all about giving up unhealthy habits and substituting good ones.”

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In Brownies for Breakfast, Bowman writes about how to swap out bad ingredients for healthy ones, and she promises that they’re just as tasty, if not more so! “I want people to see how easy and yummy [my brownies] are,” she says. “They’re made with nut butter, pumpkin, and a few other things. You’ll eat them and ask, ‘How does this taste so good?'”

Lynne Bowman: Healthy Tips

Bowman addresses other food and health-related topics that can lead to a healthier life. “There are tricks and tips in the book about what do you do when you have to order takeout. You know you need to eat more greens — but how?” Bowman asks. “How do you stop throwing food away? I write about that, too!”

Brownies for Breakfast also includes information on sleeping well and how sleep can be affected by what we consume and vice versa. “It’s a circle,” she says. “It’s all connected. You can fix all of this, and I can tell you how! It’s not hard. It’s about making decisions.”

Soaps have been used to get messages out about everything from alcoholism to breast cancer and more. In fact, DAYS did a Juvenile Diabetes (now called Type 1 Diabetes) story with Noelle Curtis (Samantha Barrows) back in the mid-1980s. “Soaps are a great educator,” Bowman says. “They go across all kinds of lines. They’re a brilliant way to put information out there.”

Soap Hub advises people to check with their doctor before embarking on a new health plan. To order Bowman’s book, Brownies for Breakfast, check out her website by clicking here.

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