Martha Madison & Brandon Beemer Talk Jan, EJ, Sami, & Bo

Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison are very thankful for storylines this year.

Brandon Beemer Martha MadisonBrandon Beemer Martha Madison

The year 2022 was a good one for Shawn and Belle fans. Their portrayers, Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison, had quite a bit of story to play. The two actors sat down with Soap Hub at the annual Day of DAYS event in downtown Los Angeles to look back on Jan Spears, EJ DiMera, and shirtless scenes.

Martha Madison Talks Jan, EJ, and Sami

DAYS often pairs actors together at Day of DAYS if they’ve got upcoming story. “The future is bright for Shawn and Belle,” Beemer teases. The pair certainly had a series of challenges earlier this year. Heather Lindell caused havoc as Jan Spears, pretending that her son was Shawn’s! A ‘problem’ the actors had working with Lindell was keeping a straight face as the talented actress fired off a series of zingers. “It’s really hard not to laugh in scenes with her,” says Madison.

In Jan, Belle has a rival that is an ideal foil, given their differences. “It’s pretty good because she’s a complete nut job and Belle is so centered,” Madison points out. “Jan’s a perfect villain because she feels justified.” While Jan’s off the canvas for now, Belle’s often engaged in a battle of legal wits against district attorney Melinda Trask (Tina Huang), a woman who’s determined to get the win for the people of Salem.

“[Melinda] is driven more by ego,” Madison points out. Melinda is often stymied, though, because Belle’s at the top of her game when it comes to lawyering. “I love that [Belle’s] not the ‘bad’ lawyer. She’s the good lawyer — the one who’s going to win.”

Come Home, Sami Brady

Viewers saw Belle in her element when she represented EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) after he was charged with kidnapping Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney). There was a slow burn between client and attorney, which culminated in an extramarital romp. “[Dan] and I were speculating…are they really doing this [with our characters]? Are we going down this road?” Madison mused. “There was a scene where Belle brought him his suit, and [the show] said, ‘Touch his hand but in a supportive way.'”

Sami learned of the couple’s betrayal but bolted the scene instead of sticking around to do what Sami might normally do — exact revenge! “I would like to see them circle back [on Sami’s response] if they circle back on that story in general,” Madison says.

Brandon Beemer on Father of the Year

Brandon Beemer looks forward to Peter Reckell’s return to the canvas as Bo. The character was resurrected last summer in Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem 2. Beemer points out that when Bo “died” back in 2015, he wasn’t playing the part — Jason Cook (ex-Shawn) was. However, Beemer has fond memories of Reckell taking him under his wing “[Peter] gave me tips about [things],” Beemer recalls. “We’d be in a scene, and I’d be unsure of something, and he’d tell me to go for it. I would, and then, I’d be happy!”

Beemer says his TV dad also gave him advice on drawing a line when it comes to being shirtless on the show. “I’d be shirtless in a scene, and he’d ask me, ‘Do you want to play the whole scene shirtless? People will want to hear what [Shawn] has to say.’ So, I’d go over and grab a shirt and put it on [at some point].”

“Although, most people want to see you shirtless,” Martha Madison says to her TV husband with a smile. “It’s a good day when Brandon goes shirtless.”

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