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How You Can Ask GH’s Jon Lindstrom All About Ryan and Kevin

Jon Lindstrom is looking forward to chatting with General Hospital fans this weekend.

john lindstrom talks about his time on general hospital with kevin, laura, heather, and ryan.John Lindstrom gives the inside scoop on working at GH.

Folks who wanted to see Ryan Chamberlin at Spring Ridge needed to go through security. However, there’s a much simpler way General Hospital fans can chat with Jon Lindstrom, Ryan’s portrayer. This weekend, the actor is taking part in a fan gathering via Zoom, and he gave Soap Hub all the details on how you can be there and so much more.

Jon Lindstrom: Connecting With Fans

“I am looking forward to this,” Lindstrom tells Soap Hub of his meeting up with GH supporters and Ryan/Kevin fans on Sunday, March 26, for a Coastal Entertainment gathering. Click here for details on how you can attend. “It’s something that I rarely do, and I’ve never done one solo.

“I hope I can give good enough answers,” the actor humbly offers. “I’m really looking forward to this.” Lindstrom became extra aware of the value of chatting with fans after he hit the film festival circuit with a movie he produced, co-wrote, and directed in 2014 titled How We Got Away With It.

“There’s a certain kind of engagement,” he says. “You go out to all these festivals, and there are Q&A’s. There’s a nice energetic give-and-take when we’re all talking about the same thing. I am interested in that.”

General Hospital: Revisiting Ryan

Fans will have lots to chat with Lindstrom about as he recently wrapped up a third run as Dr. Ryan Chamberlain, an unbalanced serial killer, who was killed by Mac Scorpio (John J. York). “Ryan’s always great fun for me to play,” Lindstrom says. “He’s probably the best role I’ve played; he’s mercurial. I was happy to embrace him again. I didn’t expect that to happen.”

Viewers were reminded of Ryan’s incredibly dark past; he went to live with his mother after his parents split, and his own mom had sex with Ryan (yikes!). “It was very edgy,” Lindstrom offers. “Daytime is often the first to talk about anything. We talked about the familial abuse on both GH and on Port Charles [the half-hour GH spinoff that ran from 1997 to 2003] and the effects it had on Kevin, as well. It was groundbreaking, that’s for sure.”

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Jon Lindstrom Gives Credit to GH’s Leader

Lindstrom does a different kind of double duty by appearing on GH along with taking roles on nighttime series, including Bull and Homeland. He holds any show — daytime or nighttime — up against the quality of GH, which is executive produced by Frank Valentini. “I don’t know any executive producer who doesn’t get through the day without a light sheen of sweat on their face trying to keep up,” the actor offers. “What Frank does when it comes to the production value of GH is far and away above other shows. [He] delivers what the viewers expect.”

GH Listens to Their Fans

One critique fans had during Ryan’s second go-around was that his story didn’t involve characters that knew him well, including Lucy (Lynn Herring), Felicia (Kristina Wagner), and Mac. Lucy has had to be in hiding recently, but Felicia and Mac certainly played integral parts in Ryan’s most recent and, apparently, final tale. “It’s always great working with Kristina and John when they join in on the fun,” Lindstrom says. “I miss them both when they’re not around. I hope they miss me as well!”

Laura and Kevin and Heather and Ryan

Nearly seven years ago, GH paired Kevin with Laura Webber (Genie Francis), who was attempting to figure out a mystery set in motion by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). Friendship turned to love, which led to Kevin and Laura becoming Dr. and Mrs. Collins, one of Port Charles’s more solid duos.

Viewers were thrilled that Laura had found love with a kind man who respected her. Theirs is an adult relationship but not one without conflict. Lindstrom says one of his top scenes with the Daytime Emmy winner and GH legend was when Kevin told Laura that he kept the secret that Ryan was alive. “It was a confessional scene and my favorite in the whole time I’ve been working with Genie,” Lindstrom says. “I love how Laura responded. Genie and I are big believers in conflict for our characters.”

More recently, Lindstrom shared screen-time with Alley Mills, who turned in a tour de force with her dynamic interpretation of Heather Webber. “I love Alley,” the actor raves. “She’s a hoot and a half. We’re kind of cut from the same cloth in terms of doing things. We like to run material the same way. We treated [our scenes] like a detective story. We asked, ‘What’s going on?’ and ‘Why do these characters have this dynamic?’ It was just great.”

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