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GH’s Carolyn Hennesy Talks Diane and Robert’s Relationship

Carolyn Hennesy believes ‘DiSco’ is alive and well on General Hospital.

carolyn hennesy talks general hospital robert, holly, and dianeCould Robert Scorpio fall for Diane?

One of the great debates General Hospital fans have is whether it’s Holly or Anna who’s the great love of Robert Scorpio’s life. However, in recent months, GH has added a new love interest for Robert to the mix — Diane Miller, played by Daytime Emmy-winner Carolyn Hennesy. The redheaded actress chatted with Soap Hub about the surprise pairing.

Carolyn Hennesy Talks Robert & Diane’s Dynamic

Last year, when Holly (Emma Samms) was back on the canvas and when Robert was sharing powwows with ex-wife Anna (Finola Hughes), the GH writers explored a relationship between Robert and Diane. “There’s got to be a monkey wrench in the works [regarding Robert’s love life], and it’s spelled ‘D-I-A-N-E,'” Hennesy suggests to Soap Hub.

Despite Robert having these other two great loves, fans have embraced his connection with Diane. “They have,” Hennesy concurs. “I’m loving it because I love Tristan so much. Any time I get to spend with him is a joy for me. I love Tristan ‘the curmudgeon’ — and I mean that in the most wonderful and delightful way,” the actress says. “He has that kind of humor that resonates with both Diane, the character, and Carolyn, the actress.”

Pairing Diane and Robert (granted, their relationship has been put on the back burner a bit) may not harken back to the sweeping epic romances of Love in the Afternoon, but Hennesy says that the pairing can be — and is — filled with “fun, fun, fun. Robert and Diane are both at stages in their lives where this works.”

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The #DiSco Era

Hennesy quips that Diane and Robert even have a “smush” name — that adorable habit soap fans have of combining the names of two characters into one. “I’ve taken a liberty and started calling us ‘Disco,’ which I think is hilarious,” Hennesy says with a chuckle. She entertained other combinations — “DiRob” or “RoDi” — but she says there’s more response to “Disco'”(which takes “Di” from “Diane” and “Sco” from “Scorpio”).

Carolyn Hennesy Acknowledges Robert’s Loves

Hennesy concedes, of course, that diehard Robert and Holly fans are a tough sell, but she gently points out that, at least for now, Diane has one key advantage over the British beauty — geography! “Emma’s living over in London,” Hennesy notes. Samms, however, told Soap Hub last year that a return to GH is not out of the question. In the meantime, Robert’s dance card remains open.

The actress would love to see the Diane/Robert dynamic continue to develop. “I think people want to see ‘smart funny’ and romance,” Hennesy says. What do you say, readers? Do you want to see more of Robert and Diane? Sound off in the comments section below.

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