Don Diamont Speaks out on Dollar Bill’s Mother in B&B

Don Diamont would like to see Bill Spencer Jr.’s mother appear on The Bold and the Beautiful.

bold and the beautiful star don diamont talks bill spencer's motherDon Diamont talks about Billy Spencer's mother.

Bill Spencer Jr. wasn’t a part of the original canvas on The Bold and the Beautiful. In fact, it was established that Bill Spencer Sr. had one child — a daughter, Caroline. The show tweaked that twice over the years; first, it was revealed that Caroline had a twin, Faith. Then, it came out that there was Bill Spencer Jr. That’s when Don Diamont joined the show’s cast. The handsome star spoke with Soap Hub about Bill’s family.

Don Diamont Talks Bill’s Mother

Viewers learned that Caroline’s (Joanna Johnson) mother had died before the show began. But not much is known about Bill’s mother. Do he, the late Caroline, and Faith share the same mom? If they don’t, is Bill’s mother actually alive somewhere? Find out what Diamont had to say to Soap Hub about the untapped dynamic between Bill and his mom.

“You can’t play this guy and not have an entire backstory for him,” Diamont points out. “We have examined his relationship with his father.” But what about his mother? “For me, that’s what really informs who this guy is,” the actor adds.

“If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother”

“Bill’s been this playboy character, who, at times, has disrespected women,” Diamont notes. “That goes back to the maternal relationship. It is my tremendous desire to delve into that.” The actor wonders if his current tale — in which Bill is giving protection to psychotic Sheila — may lead to Bill’s relationship with his mother being explored.

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Moms showing up onscreen for long-established characters has happened in daytime before to great success. Diamont was on Young and the Restless for years as Brad Carlton prior to the show bringing on his mother, Rebecca Kaplan, played by Millie Perkins (ex-Jane Sumner, Knots Landing). Diamont’s former Y&R co-star Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) has raved about his time working with the late Dorothy Maguire, who played Cora Miller, Victor’s absent mother.

Don Diamont Has a Casting Idea

“I don’t see having a long-term mother [on the show],” offers Diamont, hastening to add with a chuckle, “but I don’t write the show!” However, he’d like to see what Bill’s relationship with his mom is (or was).

“I even have [someone] in mind,” Diamont says of an actress who could play the part. Does he care to share with us who that actress might be? “No,” he says, probably preferring to keep his idea close to the vest so that if in case it comes to fruition, it remains a surprise.

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