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DAYS Star Nadia Bjorlin Proves that Nothing Is Impossible

The DAYS heroine stars in a movie that reminds us it’s never too late.

Nadia Bjorlin Days of our Lives

Nadia Bjorlin can easily relate to Ryan Aikens, the role she plays in the new movie Nothing Is Impossible. After all, Chloe Lane, her Days of our Lives alter-ego, often hangs onto hope when the odds are against her! Bjorlin sat down with Soap Hub to chat about her role in the film, streaming now on Pure Flix.

Nadia Bjorlin: Impossible Things Are Happening Every Day

Nothing Is Impossible stars David A.R. White (Evening Shade) as Scott Beck, a man who put his dreams of playing professional basketball to the side. And now, just as his ex-love Ryan Aikens, played by Bjorlin, comes back into his life, Scott wonders if, when it comes to dreams, nothing is impossible! The film also stars Harry Lennix (The Blacklist) as Russell Banks, Steven Bauer (Scarface; Ray Donovan) as Archie Touraine, and country singer/songwriter Stella Parton (younger sister to Dolly Parton) as Ruby.

Soap Hub: What drew you to the role of Ryan in Nothing Is Impossible?

Nadia Bjorlin: I loved the idea of the movie because it’s uplifting. Some people are focusing on doom and gloom these days, which is understandable. But this is a story of hope, love, and an underdog who decides to pursue his dream. Scott is a person to whom people can relate. He was this star basketball player, and he felt nothing was going to keep him down. Then, life happened. He got injured, and he took care of his parents. He got a regular job as a custodian at a school. He gave up his career.

Soap Hub: Scott sounds very relatable.

Nadia Bjorlin: He is. Hopefully, generations of people like him can break this cycle. Some may feel that if they don’t achieve a certain level of success by a certain age, then they’re put out to pasture. But that’s so not true. I think artists can relate to this. We feel we’re supposed to be at a certain place. Ryan went to school abroad. She and Scott lost touch. They found themselves traveling different paths. Now, she’s come back to the city she grew up in; her dad has passed away, and she inherits this basketball team [the Knoxville Silver Knights].

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She comes from this lineage of success and money, but she has to prove herself. Ryan grew up around the game, too. She’s taken this franchise and throws out these ideas about how we’ll bring attention to the team. She has these hurdles of people not taking her seriously. Maybe what she has to say is valuable.

Soap Hub: What was it like working with Stella Parton?

Nadia Bjorlin: Stella is such a sweetheart. She’s so warm and sweet. I love following her on Twitter. She’s sweet, humble, and talented. She is so easy to work with. We didn’t have a lot of time together, and we had to build this rapport, which was easy to do because she’s so welcoming. Ruby says to Ryan that ‘Scott didn’t leave you to pursue the NBA — he pursued the NBA because he loved you.’ Also, it was attractive to me to play this female CEO. I got to work with Steve Bauer and Harry Lennix and play their boss, and my character got to yell at theirs.

Soap Hub: Did Ryan pursue her dreams?

Nadia Bjorlin: Yes, she did. But, like most people can relate to, life hasn’t panned out the way she thought it would. She got married. That didn’t work out. Her work didn’t make her happy the way she thought it would. It’s really a story about people’s journeys. I think one of the big messages of this movie is that it’s never too late, and it’s never too early. I look at Bill and Susan [Seaforth] Hayes [who play Doug and Julie Williams]. He’s 97 now, and he still shows up to work! Damn! When you really love doing something, it’s what you live for. That’s what keeps you in the game — pun intended.

Nothing Is Impossible is streaming on Pure Flix. Click here for more details.

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