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Bryton James Talks Kristoff St. John’s Memory And Neil’s Y&R Legacy

Bryton James tries to bring Kristoff St. John’s levity to work at Y&R.

bryton james reveals how he keeps kristoff st. john's legacy alive on y&r.Bryton James helps keep the late actor's legacy alive both on and off screen.

On The Young and the Restless, Devon Hamilton is fighting hard to preserve the legacy of his father, Neil Winters. On the set, Devon’s portrayer, Bryton James, also helps keep actor Kristoff St. John’s memory alive. He spoke with Soap Hub about it.

Bryton James Pays Tribute To Kristoff St. John

Recently, Y&R has prominently included Neil’s photo in key scenes for Devon as he wrestles with what to do to honor his father’s legacy while also deciding whether or not to trust his biological father, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Neil is very much a part of the storylines, even though he tragically died several years ago.

James talked with Soap Hub about how he helps keep St. John’s memory alive and how he honors the actor.

“The thing that we try to keep alive with him, as Kristoff, is his levity, his levity here at work and the joy and the fun he used to bring to every day,” James notes.

“We used to, another co-worker, Daniel Goddard [ex Cane Ashby], and I used to sit in a room and wait for [Kristoff] to just burst through the door with his wild stories. He’d always be the one to make people laugh on set. He always told the story.”

At times, St. John even livened up the scenes, especially if they were serious. “He was the one where during a very, very intense court scene, he put a fart machine underneath the witness stand,” James remembers, laughing. “So…that was him.

“He was joy and laughter, no matter what he experienced in his real life. He never brought that to work. He only brought, you know, a smile and his professionalism and talent,” the actor says.

James wants to continue to honor the legacy of St. John. He says, “I mean, since day one, I’ve been trying to come close to that, and that’s all I continue to do is try to make him proud.”

Devon And Lily’s Fight Is About Neil’s Legacy

While Devon has every right to be angry with Lily (Christel Khalil) over causing the accident that killed Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and her and Devon’s unborn child, Bryton James feels their recent conflict over Hamilton Winters is about Neil’s legacy. Of course, Devon can’t help but use that difficult past when their arguments get heated.

James notes Devon often throws their history in Lily’s face. “I bring that up to her all the time, and she hates it…My wife and child,” he says. “It’s a great thing because you can’t trump that no matter what, I can always bring it up.

“I actually don’t think that this conflict between them is tied to that,” continues James. “I really do think that Devon has made peace with what happened. I think that this is more about him wanting to protect what’s left of his family’s legacy and the Winters’ legacy and really…Neil’s legacy and, and that company and what he created with his dad.

“He’s just about protecting it, and he right now thinks that Lily is a little blinded by business and by succeeding and…listening to Jill [Jess Walton], who she’s working for, and she’s just a little confused about…what the priorities should be. I think that’s really all it is,” the actor declares.

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